Fun Free Summer Activities in Utah

It’s easy to stay inside all summer long watching movies, playing games on the phone or catching up on your sleep from all the other months you got up way too early. Well, it’s time to get out and do some fun things with your family and here is a list of free summer activities to do here in Utah this summer.Fun Free Summer Activities in Utah by The Modern Dad

  1. Tayorlsville Dayzz | Looking for a night of great entertainment and amazing fireworks that doesn’t cost you a thing? Well, Tayorsville Dayzz is the perfect night out for the entire family. It’s their 20th anniversary, so they are going all out this year. You don’t want to miss it. Best part, this all starts TOMORROW. Click here for all the details.
  2. Movies in the Park | We are a movie loving family over here. When you have little kids though, it’s hard to get yourself and your entire family into a theater. Check out this HUGE list of FREE movies in the park. I love going to movies in the park because you’re outside enjoying the amazing Utah weather and you bring your cozy blankets and pillows to lay on the grass of the park. We love going to the ones on the grass at the capital. Get the locations, movies and dates here.
  3. Free Outdoor Concerts | Maybe you don’t like being outside watching a movie, how about trying one of these FREE outdoor concerts going on this summer? They are happening all over the state and all different types of music. One of our favorite events to go to is the Provo Rooftop Concert series. They are a little crowded (okay, they’re really crowded), but they are so fun and so good. Check out dates, locations and who’s performing at each concert right here.Fun Free Summer Activities in Utah by The Modern Dad
  4. Free Family Hikes | The mountains are so close and time after time we look up at them and think, “I’m going to go on a hike this summer” but then the summer goes by and we have just been looking up everyday and doing nothing about it. Why not get out with your family and enjoy the mountains with some simple, free family hikes. There are plenty to choose from and you can see all the hikes right here. We love Donut Falls, The Living Room, Silver Lake and Scout Falls. They’re all so simple, but get really popular this time of year so get your hiking boots on and get up there.
  5. Church History Tours | Do you know the history of the LDS church? Well, “This is the place” as they say, for Mormon church history. From Temple square, The Beehive House and conference center you can spend hours in tours and just viewing the gorgeous buildings. Even if you think you know everything about the church’s history it’s still fun to go to all these different sites and get a refresher. Plus, a lot of the museums have had updates and changed since you last went. Check them out here.
  6. Days of ’47 Parade | If you love parades, then you will love the Days of ’47 Parade. This parade started to celebrate the pioneers coming to Utah to settle this state. Wards from all over the state have taken the entire year working on their float and get so excited to show it off to the thousands of families sitting on the curbs waving. The crazy thing is, go on the route the night before for people sleeping all over to get “the” spot for viewing the parade. It gets a little crazy, but a tradition people have been doing for years.Fun Free Summer Activities in Utah by The Modern Dad
  7. Wheeler Farm | Maybe you don’t want to travel up to the zoo or it’s too expensive for you to take your entire family. So what do you do? We love going over to Wheeler Farm and enjoy the farm animals you can see there: cows, horses, ducks, pigs, rabbits, etc. Wheeler Farm is great because it’s found right in the middle of the valley making it easy to get to and plenty of land to get those steps in we’re all so obsessed with these days.
  8. Liberty Park | It’s time to get out of the house and get to the park. Liberty Park is one of my absolute favorites since I was little. We love going there to feed the ducks, roll down the hills or just walk around and enjoy the many playgrounds. Found close to downtown making it a great getaway from the city. We love going to the park to get out lots of wiggles, play some baseball and throw the ball around. For more information on Liberty Park, go here.
  9. Utah Olympic Park | Back in 2002, Utah had the pleasure of hosting the winter Olympics. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in Utah at the time (I was living in California serving a mission) and don’t really know what it was like having the Olympics here. The Utah Olympic Park is the place to go to see all that was going on here while the Olympics was going on. I know that I want to check it out and see all the different events that we hosted and the memorabilia.Fun Free Summer Activities in Utah by The Modern Dad
  10. Capital and Governor’s Mansion Tour | My family is very political. I mean, my dad is in the House of Representatives here in Utah and so I have had some great times getting to go to these two historic buildings. That being said, I have never done the tours and would love to. Utah has some amazing history in their politics and leaders who have lead our state. Get the information on the tours here (capital building here, Governor’s Mansion here).

Does that help you with activities to get through the summer that don’t cost a thing? Make this summer all about learning, enjoying the outdoors and spending quality time with your family.