Repurchases of my Favorite Products

I know you see hundreds of products pushed on a daily basis, I do too. But these are products that I actually use and love and have had to repurchase recently because I use them so much!

So today I’m sharing some of the restocks I’ve made recently of my favorite things.

Perk Energy

I love a routine and my quiet mornings with Perk have been my favorite way to start my day. Emily loves Mint Truffle, Dutch Hot Cocoa and Mexican Hot Chocolate, but honestly every flavor is spot on.

I have been drinking down the BCAAs daily. They help with muscle recovery and taste absolutely amazing. If you get the caramel apple sucker, you will not be upset about it. Tastes exactly like what you think it would.

We’ve been living with Emily’s parents for the last 8 months and even her mom is hooked. So we are going through our Perk a little faster than normal.

If you’re buying some, use code MODERNDAD and you’ll get a discount!

Shine Cosmetics BB Cream

Emily’s absolute favorite Shine product is their BB Cream! She uses it every single day. Her color is Courage.

She loves applying it each day and intentionally thinking about being brave. The best part about their product is that it literally lasts months! I think she got her last one in October!

If you’re worried about color matching, send them a picture of you without makeup and they will color match you on the spot. If you purchase, you can use code MODERNDAD for a discount.

Coco and Eve Face Tanning Micromist

Who doesn’t love to feel a little sun-kissed, especially in the winter? This tanning spray is just the ticket!

A couple of sprays to cover your face, once a week and you will be glowing! Emily bought her last bottle over a year ago and is so excited to break this one in.

Luminex Teeth Whitening Strips

There is nothing better than a white smile! These Luminex strips make it easy.

Place them on teeth for 30 minutes and you will instantly have a brighter smile. This is a product I have purchased over and over again! So when you see people talking about how much they love these, you can believe them. They really do brighten your smile without causing any sensitivity.

Clean Simple Eats

There isn’t a day that we don’t use Clean Simple Eats! Whether it is an Orange Julius, a kids protein shake or greens, we love their protein.

We’ve been using it more and more with our Ninja Creami and have loved the variety of flavors they offer.

Code MODERNDAD will get you 10% off.

Dae Styling Cream

If you do girls hair, you know that product is necessary to keeping the fly aways in place.

This cream not only does the job, but smells delicious. This is our third bottle and we basically have it on subscription because we love it that much.

Hair elastics

Here is a product we use every single day. I love these elastics because they are easy to grip and stretch, but they are also clear.

They make doing hair a piece of cake and this tub will keep you stocked the entire year.


Looking for a fun game the entire family can play? Sky-Jo is our go to game.

It is similar to a card game of golf and so much fun for everyone. This is one of my favorite things to give away for gifts and take with us on every vacation.


If you’re looking more of our favorite things, check out our Amazon Storefront. It is a collection of the best products that we’ve used, loved and purchased. We are constantly updating it, so if you ever see something you love of ours, there is a good chance you are going to find it there.