Amazing Berry Cheesecake Salad

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It’s the Fourth of July and you are probably going to lots of fun family events where you need to take something that’s absolutely delicious, right? This berry cheesecake salad is so easy, so good and takes no time at all to make. 

Amazing Berry Cheesecake Salad by The Modern DadMy friend Alyssa, at The Recipe Critic, always is posting this and I thought how good it looked and needed to make it. She always tells me that it’s the easiest thing to make, but when you are talking to someone that is always making food and does an amazing job at it you worry a little. I had worked with Alyssa previously doing a berry and quinoa salad that was seriously amazing (see it here). So when she told me this berry cheesecake salad was so good and super easy to make I knew I could trust her. Amazing Berry Cheesecake Salad by The Modern Dad

I made this for a family event and loved that it was really the easiest salad I have ever made. You know when you make something for a party and you don’t want to have to take anything home, this was the perfect salad for that. It was gone after just moments of people having some.Amazing Berry Cheesecake Salad by The Modern Dad

So if you are worried about what you are going to be taking to those family events or neighborhood parties you are going to today, worry no longer because this berry cheesecake salad is the perfect option for your fun festivities. I promise you, this is going to be the recipe everyone is going to be asking for and all you need to do is say, “I got it from The Modern Dad!”

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