Favorite Bath Teething Toys

We’ve all read the articles about how a parent cut open their kids bath toys, only to find them full of mold. This is one of my biggest fears and has made it hard to try to find a toy that wouldn’t have that issue.

Favorite Bath Teething Toys by The Modern DadWell, let me tell you all about Oli & Carol natural baby toys. They created these toys to avoid this very issue by making them so there isn’t a hole for water to enter and get stuck in. I love that they are rubber and float easily in the tub for my little one that is in there for a short time, but wants something to play with and pass the time.

Oli & Carol have so much more to offer than just the fact that there isn’t a hole in them and keep water out. They are made of 100% pure latex from trees making them also a fantastic teething toy for teething babies.

Favorite Bath Teething Toys by The Modern DadWe were first introduced to natural toys like this with Sophie Giraffe made of natural rubber. Oli & Carol are hand painted with food graded dyes making it completely safe for your baby to chew on.

Now, I am not one of those parents that gets crazy about my child being around toys that have PVC, BPA, Phthalate and Nitrosamine, but if a toy is free from those things it’s all the better because it’s one less thing to “worry” about in my book.

Favorite Bath Teething Toys by The Modern DadWhen I opened the box of toys for my kids, I knew I was going to love them just for the fact that the baby deer was named Olive. I knew she was going to be a perfect chewing companion for our little girl, or just a great toy for her to chew on in the stroller.

Favorite Bath Teething Toys by The Modern DadJump in the tub and our son only wants to play with cars and guys. The fun colored car wasn’t going to worry me about filling up with water and I knew that if I ever needed to clean these I could just hand wash them lay them out to dry.

Favorite Bath Teething Toys by The Modern DadI love all the options that they offer to make life as a parent easier because you know that you will definitely find something your kid will love. Ever since opening the box of Oli & Carol toys, our kids haven’t let them out of their site. Believe me when I say, you need some of these in your toy arsenal and you won’t regret getting them.