10 Favorite Wedding/Shower Gifts

Summer for us seems to be the most popular for wedding receptions and showers. You go online and look at their registry, but the best things are taken (or everything is already taken) and you are stuck with the dilemma of what to get.

Now I know what you are thinking, guys don’t usually go to wedding showers, but I have been to a few and here’s why. My wive’s family does a couples shower where you bring an item that represents you as a couple: things you like to do together, something you enjoy as a couple or something that you have learned from and they could benefit. Well, we have gone to a few of these showers and they are actually a lot of fun.

To make your life easier I wanted to share my favorite wedding/shower gifts, cost and where you can get them.bowels

  1. Gibson Latte Bowls (Set of 6) | $19.90 – You’ve seen them at Anthropologie and absolutely love them, but sometimes it’s hard to pick a color that you think someone will love as much as you do. What I love about these sets is it’s like a hombre look when they are stacked up and you are getting a set of all colors that coordinate with one another. And who doesn’t love bowls? You can use them for everything. Plus, they’re at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for a killer deal.pans
  2. Pro Line Non-Stick Cookie Sheets | $24.95 – When you get married you want to impress your spouse, and what better way than by making cookies? We love making cookies in our home all the time, but we love making large batches even more so that we can take them to our friends and neighbors. Crate & Barrel makes our very favorite ones and you get one of these with your favorite cookie recipe included in the card, you’ll be good to go.bundt
  3. Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt Pan | $36.00 – I think one of our most favorite, unique gifts that we were given for our wedding was one of these Bundt pans. We actually use it a lot more than I thought we would have because it’s just fun and different. We also love to have friends over to entertain and when you serve them a fancy Bundt you will blow them away. Plus, I feel like Williams-Sonoma always caries the best quality items.fauxfurthrow
  4. Luxe Faux Fur Throw | $109-189 – I get it, this sounds like a ridiculous gift (especially the price), but hear me out on this one. My wife always thought I was completely crazy because the amount of money I would spend on things like a blanket, but when it’s been four years, a billion washes and still looks like new she gets it. We have one of these that we are always cuddling under on the couch during weekend movies, snuggling together for Monday night Bachelorette and even our kids are obsessed with it. It’s just a good quality blanket that your friend will treasure forever and you can’t go wrong with anything from Restoration Hardware.lion-tickets-online
  5. Tickets to the Theater | $49-76 per ticket – Treat them to a night out at the theater. They’re about to be newlyweds and if we all remember this stage you tend to not have money like you did when you were single (it’s so weird). So providing the couple with a fancy night out to the theater is a great option. A lot of theaters even offer a gift card option that you could get them to use towards any show they would like.candle
  6. Capri Blue Jar Candle | $28.00 – When you are newlywed you are usually moving into a new place together and the smells of a new place aren’t always the best. Candles are an absolute must around our house. We love buying them at Anthropologie and the Volcano candle tends to be a favorite by everyone that’s ever smelled it. This is a great gift that the bride will be excited about and the groom will be grateful once he smells it. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with any of the candles from Anthropologie, this one just tends to be a fan favorite.large-popcorn-bowl
  7. Popcorn Bowls | $19.95 – Here is one thing that we got that I feel we would use a lot more if my wife wasn’t allergic to corn. I on the other hand am obsessed with popcorn, movies and making gifts that include them both. What you do here is get the popcorn bowl from Crate & Barrel, hit Walmart for some $5 cheesy chick flick movies and treats and fill that bowl up with everything you would need for a fun, romantic movie night.doormat
  8. ‘Neighbors’ Doormat | $50.00 – Again, this new couple is going to move into a place they can all their own, why not get them a fun front door mat? This one by Reed Wilson Design is funny, and a lot of the time so true for those newlyweds. It’s also a gift people don’t think about, but a house isn’t a home without a doormat.rectangle-platter-18.25-x-12.5
  9. Rectangle Serving Platter | $19.95 – Again, as a couple we love hosting dinner with friends and other couples and we love the serving platters we received as a wedding gift, so it’s become a gift we love to give. You need to keep those relationships and build new ones. What better way to do that than by having friends over for dinner and putting your work on nice serving dishes? Crate & Barrel has my favorites because their simple and not ridiculously priced.iron
  10. Iron | $9.99-84.99 – This was hands down one of our favorite gifts. Who would think to spend money on a nice iron? This was a gift from our parent’s generation but has been hands down our most used gift. I feel like people tend to forget to register for an iron, but you realize real quick how much you need and will want one. Target of course has plenty of options and who doesn’t love Target?

At the end of the day, you are getting these people a gift from your heart that you loved as a newlywed, but you know they will love just as much. I just love going to all the weddings and showers because it makes me remember that day we got married and what a joy it’s been my life.