Kids on a Flight | Apologize or Not?

Later this month we are going on a flight with both of our kids for the first time. All that is running through my head is should I make goodie bags for the people on the flight with us or just apologize? It’s hard being a parent walking on board with kids on a flight, but does that mean I need to apologize?

Kids on a Flight | Apologize or Not? by The Modern DadWhen Did This Happen?

Growing up my family flew a lot. We would go on trips to California, Hawaii and the central states. My parents never gave a gift to the other passengers because they knew their kids would be disruptive. They all just plugged in and ignored what was going on around them. Granted, we were pretty good when flying, but I know not every kid is. Maybe at the time too parents didn’t even think of    making a goodie bag for others. Has Pinterest turned us parents into monsters?

Sometimes it seems like Pinterest makes parenting so much harder. We feel like because we saw these things on Pinterest that we have to do them ourselves. If we don’t, we feel like we aren’t a good parent.

How Good Do Your Kids Travel?

Deciding to take your kids on a plane, it’s important to think about how your child will handle it. My son always needs something to keep him interested and keep his attention. My daughter on the other hand is pretty content, and as long as you are giving her attention she is good to go. Maybe your kid just needs some movement. Most airlines understand when you are up walking your child around. 

I know these things about my own kids. I prepared by doing things for them that will keep them entertained while we will be in the air. That being said, kids will be kids and sometimes they have their meltdowns. I think it’s just important to do all that you can as a parent to make sure your kids are calm and taken care of.

Apologize or Goodie Bag?

Yes, a package of goodies is nice and if you feel like no matter what you will prepare before for your kids that they are still going to have a meltdown then by all means, do the goodie bag.

Really at the end of the day we have all been there. A situation where kids are driving us nuts as a passenger or our kids aren’t staying calm as a parent. Really, let’s just take some time to think about how to react to a child on a flight before we complain and over react.