Monday Meal | Mac and Cheese Muffins

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Growing up, mac and cheese was a constant thing. It was so easy to make and I seriously could eat an entire box of Kraft in one sitting; this explains a lot. But seriously though, who doesn’t love just fixing up a batch of mac and cheese and letting it take them back? Well, it’s time to bring back your youth.

Monday Meal | Mac and Cheese Muffins by The Modern DadMy good friend, Alyssa of The Recipe Critic, always has the best recipes. When I asked her for the best child friendly recipe she quickly replied with sending her recipe for ranch bacon mac and cheese cups. She said how easy they are and not only that, but that my kids would love them. Baked mac and cheese has got to be one of my favorite things, even as an adult. What’s great about these cups is that they are individually portioned. You can just serve up one or two….or three and you are good to go.

Monday Meal | Mac and Cheese Muffins by The Modern DadReading that it was baked mac and cheese it made me a little nervous. I had never made baked mac and cheese before, but really they’re so easy anyone could do it. Plus, you add ranch and bacon to anything and I am ready to chow down. Who doesn’t love a good bacon ranch recipe, right?

Whenever I can make something for my family that we will all love makes my life a billion times easier. These mac and cheese cups are also great because you can save them for later and they reheat perfectly, tasting just as good. I love throwing a couple of them in my lunch and not having to worry about what to eat. Plus, real cheese is an actual ingredient in here – YUM!

Monday Meal | Mac and Cheese Muffins by The Modern DadGive these amazing mac and cheese cups a try. I promise, you won’t regret it.