Macey’s Anywhere | I’d Do It Again

Do you shop at Macey’s Grocery Store? Have you heard about their new Macey’s Anywhere program? I personally feel like it’s a dream, but let me tell you what my honest experience was like.

When I saw that Macey’s offered a option to order your groceries online OR even on a app on your phone, I was nervous. What if they get my order wrong? Will it really be ready when I go to pick it up? What’s it going to be like picking it up?

My Macey’s Anywhere Step by Step Experience

Quickly I pulled up their site and picked the store I would be picking up from. I knew I would be picking these up after work and so I picked a location between work and home. Then I started my ordering.

maceys_anywhereLoving that I could pick my groceries, put them in my cart as I was thinking about them and them come back at a different time. Just because you put something in your cart doesn’t mean you have to order it them. So I put the app on my phone and would add things to my cart whenever I thought of them: milk, chocolate chips, ice cream cones, etc.

Macey’s Anywhere | I’d Do It Again by The Modern DadOnce I was ready to check out, I looked everything over and was ready to place my order. It really couldn’t be easier. You pick a date and time you want to pick up, the time being in hour increments, and then schedule and pay.

Perks and Benefits

Another thing that was great is that if I searched syrup, it gave me all the different kinds and made it so easy to compare pricing. I really loved that about it.

maceys_anywhereWhen your order is ready, you get a text from the store saying they have your cart ready for you and to just text them when you are there. Are you kidding me? All I have to do is text them and they will bring my groceries out to me? I was loving this more and more.

Getting to the store, I sent a text saying I was there and was quickly greeted by an employee with all my groceries. I think she would have even put them in my car if I wasn’t already out of my car in amazement of this idea.

We’re Lazy, But We’re Efficient

maceys_anywhereLet’s think this through now:

  • You’re a busy mom with little kids and just need to grab some groceries, but don’t want to take the kids out of the car – online order and parking pick up.
  • Being a little older, getting in and out of your car to get groceries is difficult. Maybe you just had surgery, but you need a few things at the store. Order on the app, pick up later that day.
  • Maybe you are like me and know you need to pick up groceries on the way home from work, but you don’t want to have to go in. This is the answer to all of these situations.

Does this sound like something you would want to try? Here is the best part, for my readers you are going to get 5% off your next order. Just try it out and see what you think.

Macey’s Anywhere | I’d Do It Again by The Modern DadMy one issue was, I wanted to order zucchini noodles, but they weren’t online. They are adding it though, so just search for zoodles. Then, if you are wanting to order produce you can leave comments to how you want the picker to pick for you, (i.e. green bananas).

Try it out. What do you have to lose? Check out the locations that currently are doing it and I am sure, with popularity, it will become a thing for more and more stores.