One Shirt, Three Different Looks

When you are shopping for kids clothes it’s easy to get all cheap or all expensive. What we love to do is a mix. We make sure the pricier item can be used for different looks. You want to see if the item will be able to make at least three different looks.

My wife is one that wants to just buy all the deals and get as many items for a lower price. I am the one that will buy pricier items because I know they will last. We have taken this and put it into buying our kids clothes too. I like to buy an item that usually goes with a lot of different things we already own. This is great because you will buy an item and then put it will lots of things. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic gingham shirt.

Three Different Looks

Dressing kids can be hard because you want them to be kids and have that fun young look to them, but you also want them looking good. Here are the three looks we did with one of our favorite shirts from J Crew. I knew that it was a great shirt because I own the same thing and use it for lots of different looks. And of course, it’s time for back to school shopping and this would be the perfect addition.

Summer is Coming to an End Look


Shirt | J Crew

Shorts | Peek Kids

Shoes | Converse

Ready to Head to Church Look


Bow Tie | J Crew

Shirt | J Crew

Belt | J Crew

Pants | H&M

Shoes | Sperry

Bike | Strider

The Sandlot Look


Shirt | J Crew

Henley | Little Sloppy

Jeans | Gap

Shoes | Native