Simple Margherita Penne Pasta

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Around our house dinner seems to be a whole lot easier if there is some kind of noodle involved. Time and time again we are eating macaroni and cheese, which is fine, but let’s mix it up! This simple and delicious margherita penne pasta is so good it will leave your family asking for more. 

Simple Margherita Penne Pasta by The Modern DadWhy does it always seem that husbands think their wife has to have dinner ready when they get home from work? Have you ever done a role reversal where dad is home with the kids and mom is gone? Believe me, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. So when you it’s time to prepare dinner it’s no wonder someone is always wanting to just go out; it’s easier.

Simple Margherita Penne Pasta by The Modern DadThankfully there are solutions to the madness. Simple dinner recipes that can be made by either parent. I want to be able to provide families with the tools they need to provide their family with a healthier meal option. Plus, if you are like us, you are trying to save to buy a house. It’s so crazy how a daily visit to the local drink place adds up.

Simple Margherita Penne Pasta by The Modern DadMargherita penne pasta made me a little nervous when I decided to take it on. Making a roux intimidated me, but I was ready for the challenge. I loved that this recipe was a mixture of my favorite things: pasta, cheese sauce and vegetables. Trying to find ways to get your kids to eat things like broccoli or spinach isn’t always easy, but it’s doable. This recipe mixes in broccoli and tomatoes while covering up their flavor with delicious sauce.

Try making this recipe this week. Such a great recipe to impress your spouse and show them you can make an amazing meal without going crazy.

Recipe adapted from Frugal Mom Eh!