Favorite Non Alcoholic Drinks

Being a parent is hard, and sometimes I just need to have a few drinks. Look, I’m a responsible parent and of course they’re non alcoholic drinks. Plus the fact that I am LDS and don’t’ drink alcohol. Then I am sure you are asking, “If you don’t drink alcohol how creative can you really get with your drinks?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Favorite Non Alcoholic Drinks by The Modern DadHere in Utah we have a few drink stops that make some of my favorite non alcoholic drinks. I didn’t think anything of them, until I was in Iowa and asked for a Dirty Diet Coke. The reaction was priceless. Clearly they had never heard of it and were excited to give it a try.

Maybe these are just Utah originals, but they are my absolute favorites. If you’re like me, and not a drinker, but bored with the same old drinks, let me open your eyes to favorites.

Dirty Diet Coke | Diet Coke, Coconut Syrup, Fresh Lime

This quickly became my drink of choice, but you can have them be too much. I like (in a 44 oz drink) two squirts of coconut syrup and two lime wedges squeezed in. Too much coconut and it’s ruined, but it you like more lime, go for it. This can be called different things at different places, but it’s all the same thing.

The Alison Show (at least that’s what Sodalicious calls it) | Diet Coke, Cranberry Syrup, Fresh Lime

When a friend at work heard of my Dirty Diet Coke obsession she asked if I had tried this out. The cranberry gives a refreshing taste that is perfect for summer, fall, winter…okay all the seasons. To me this isn’t as sweet as the Dirty Diet Coke and just a good mix.

Bloody Wild | Mountain Dew, Strawberry and Mango Puree

For the longest time I hated Mountain Dew. I don’t know why, but it just wasn’t for me. One day, my brother-in-law told me to give it a try. If you know me, I’ll basically try anything once. I was blown away with the fact that it tasted nothing like Mountain Dew, but pure heaven. The puree gives it a good flavor and mixing it with the citrus of the Mountain Dew is seriously delicious.

Chocolate Coke | Coke, Chocolate Syrup, Coconut Syrup

Like a delicious milkshake, but with Coke instead of milk. Like I said, I will try anything once; this was one that made me a little more skeptical. Boy was I wrong when I gave this one a try. I’m not usually a Coke fan, but when you cover it up with chocolate and coconut how can you not love it?

Triple D | Diet Dr Pepper, Sugar-free Coconut, Fresh Lime

When you are thinking, “Why add sugar syrup to a sugar free drink?” you get something like the Triple D at Sodalicious. Really, it makes sense to add sugar-free syrup to your drink, but maybe you’re like me. You aren’t drinking it because of the sugar, you just enjoy the flavor. And when Diet Coke isn’t your jam, the Diet Dr Pepper drinks are an amazing option.

Missionary | Sprite, Coconut Syrup, Tigers Blood

When we go to Swig, or any drink place, my son has to have something too. He is in love with Missionary. I love it because he’s not getting hopped up on caffeine, but sugar. A 16 oz Missionary is perfect for him and it’s a fun change to just plain old Sprite. Even if you just add raspberry syrup to their Sprite it’s a treat.

Favorite Non Alcoholic Drinks by The Modern DadNow I know, some of these drink places are competitors, but the drinks speak for themselves. Whether you go to Swig, Sodalicious, Pop Shop or The Park 5 the names will be different, but the concepts are the same.

Get in the car, head to your favorite and drink up because a little drink will make carpools so much easier.