My Favorite Workout Wear

When it comes to workout wear for guys, 90% of them could care less what they wear to the gym. Lucky for you, I am of that 10% that does care. Why do guys think it’s okay to just pull anything from a pile, head to the gym and sit on a bike while watching Sports Center or The Talk? I’ve never understood it, but maybe by sharing my favorite workout wear it will help inspire.

My Favorite Workout Wear by The Modern DadEver since I started to run more, I figured it might be time to start wearing running shorts. Now, I know what you are thinking, “Jason, we don’t want to see you in a pair of 1983 booty shorts.” Thankfully, neither do I. Never have I been comfortable wearing short running shorts, but when doing a long distance you don’t want to weigh yourself down. Trust me, I am already weighed down enough. Saxx make a great running short that I have absolutely become a major fan of.

My Favorite Workout Wear by The Modern DadThe only time I wear a shirt that says anything on it is at the gym. At the age of 30 you don’t need to be covered in slogans as you walk around town, but in the gym it’s completely acceptable. That being said, I rarely wear shirts that say anything on them to the gym. I usually wear either a solid t-shirt from J Crew or a Lacoste v-neck. My wife thinks I am crazy, but they are so comfortable and I never worry about my nipples chafing.

As far as underwear goes, I have fallen in love with Saxx. If you are a larger guy like me and your legs tend to rub together these are these are the underwear for you. They have a lining inside that keeps EVERYTHING protected at every angle. Once you give these a try you will never go to any other underwear.

And of course, I have to have a great running shoe if I am going to be training for a marathon. Recently I saw a friend wearing Hoka One One and I decided I would give them a try. So glad that I did because they have changed my life. Comfortable, light weight and perfect for my wide feet. They are a shoe that I love and grateful I took a chance on trying something new.

My Favorite Workout Wear by The Modern Dad
Left Look:                                                                        Right Look:

                                                                                                        Shirt | Lacoste                                                                   Shirt | J Crew

                                                                                                     Shorts | Nike                                                                      Shorts | Saxx

                                                                                                     Watch | Rockwell                                                                Socks | Stance

                                                                                                      Shoes | Hoka One One                                                      Shoes | Hoka One One

There you have it. My favorite workout wear that is perfect for my training. Never do feel like I look ridiculous, like I pulled everything from a pile off the floor.