They’re My Kids Too

Enough with calling dads babysitters. We are parents just doing what parents do with their kids: changing diapers, picking clothes, going to school events, etc. But then why is it that we as dads can’t be referred to just as a parent—or even a dad? After all, they’re my kids too. 

The other day I was at the grocery store with the kids. As the kids were screaming and throwing cans of food out of the cart a parent walked by and said, “You in charge of watching the kids today?” Ummm no, actually, I am their dad and we have to get things done today.

They’re My Kids Too by The Modern DadWhy is it that anytime a dad is out with his kids, and mom isn’t around, we are babysitters? We were involved in the process too and to just be called the babysitter is a little annoying.

Since we are trying to sell our condo I thought it would be nice to take the kids out of the house so my wife wouldn’t go crazy with them constantly making a mess. While I was out with them running errands people would say, “You’re such a great guy to give your wife a break.” Is this just as bad as saying I’m a babysitter?

Really, parenting is parenting. We both are here for our kids, but I get it. My wife is with the kids all day and at times a break from them is nice. I have a break away all day while I am at work. But when you are a parent you are always a parent.

I get that my wife has the kids a lot more of the day than I do. Because of that, I try to do all that I can so she can get the things done. It’s a lot easier to get things done without kids. Constantly needing you to pick them up and walk them around only to accomplish nothing.

They’re My Kids Too by The Modern DadAt the end of the day, I just want people to see that I am equal to my wife. I do all that I can to be there for my kids when they are sick, need to be changed or not having a good day (which can be pretty regular). If people will just stop calling us dads babysitters and start realizing we are just parents it’ll be a lot nicer.