Be Safe From the Chafe with Russell Athletic

The more and more I get out and run, the more I realize that underwear is a major part of it all. Chafing has been a problem for me, well, forever. No thigh gap for this dadlete, but if you have the right underwear you don’t have to worry. Believe me, I have gone through many pairs, brands, and styles, with one a couple making the final cut. But what pair have made me completely safe from the chafe?

Be Safe From the Chafe with Russell Athletic by The Modern DadRussell’s newest line of performance underwear is everything I want when needing a chafe free experience and I exercise. Underwear isn’t something you talk a lot about, unless you find a pair that you can’t stop talking about. This is one of those pairs.

The material is soft, yet durable. Wearing this during a 16-mile run down the canyon or just a few miles on the treadmill I haven’t had a bad experience. As a guy, you feel completely protected and not having to worry about adding anti-chafing is important.

When I get up to run, it’s usually 4:00 am and still dark outside. Trying to get ready is hard in the dark, so I lay out my running clothes the night before. About 93% of the time I forget to use chafing stick. Not having to worry about that because of the protection this performance underwear gives me makes life so much easier.

Be Safe From the Chafe with Russell Athletic by The Modern DadLike I said I have used this during my long, down the canyon, runs. When you are running 14-16 miles down a canyon, the last thing you want to worry about is chafing. Are you ready for TMI? My body sweats in all the wrong places and my butt and thighs start rubbing quick. Seriously, never have I had an issue with these and I have even loved the absorbing the material seems to do.

A problem I, as a bigger guy, have when running is the thigh rubbing. Because of the rubbing my pants, shorts, and even underwear wear out and get holes from the rubbing. I have been wearing these every morning as I run and they seriously look and feel just like they did when I first got them.

Be Safe From the Chafe with Russell Athletic by The Modern DadSo if you are looking for a performance underwear that you know will be comfortable, long lasting, and great quality the Russell performance underwear is exactly what you need. Trust me, I have worn through a lot and if you chafe you know that finding the perfect performance short will make or break your experience.