Marathon Training Week 49 | It’s Finally Here

After months of training, the Revel Big Cottonwood marathon is finally here. Never have I been more nervous, excited, and worried in my life. But I’ve trained hard for this and I am not letting anything stop me.

My 16-Week Marathon Training Plan by The Modern DadTwelve years ago when I did my first (and only) marathon I didn’t think I would ever do one again. The pain that my body felt when I walked in to the house was unbearable. Aches and pains like I had never felt before, but that pain lasted for weeks.

When I went into my trigonometry class the teacher was making fun of the way I was walking and asked, “What did you do, run a marathon?” Yeah, actually! It quickly shut him up and I was finally given a little bit of respect.

Marathon Training Week Three | Favorite Finds by The Modern DadI know that the reason I was in so much pain though was because of the lack of training. With this race, I wanted to make sure I didn’t make that same mistake. When I got on my 16-week training schedule, I was going to force myself to follow it religiously.

Be Safe From the Chafe with Russell Athletic by The Modern DadTwo weeks ago, I ran my 20 mile run and did it down the canyon that this race will be. It was easier than normal and it made me feel like I will feel great after running this race.

Marathon Training Week 36 | Loved Bragnar by The Modern DadHere is the thing; I set the goal this year to run three races I had never done before. My first running goal was to run Ragnar, and I loved it. Then just a week ago was the Disneyland Double Dare Challenge. Now I am wrapping it up with this full marathon.

Marathon Training Week 48 | My Eternal of Reward by The Modern DadIt’s been a journey that has changed my life for sure. I feel healthier than I ever have, my schedule is consistent, and I hope my kids know that if they set crazy goals they can do it. Not only setting goals, setting healthy goals.

Marathon Training Week 49 | It’s Finally Here by The Modern DadSo if you are in Utah, in the Cottonwood Heights area tomorrow morning, cheer me on. The support of others really motivates you to keep going. The first 16 miles will be on my own. Once people can cheer, I know it will push me and motivate me.

I will let you all know how it goes, pray for me, and follow my Insta-stories for more details as it’s happening. You can even cheer me on through Instagram too.