#12DaysOfGiveaways | Our BabyLit Book Tradition

Starting a tradition can be hard because what if you don’t love it or it’s too much work? Thankfully, when my wife and I had kids we wanted to start our own book tradition. It would be an advent type tradition, but with books. Here is how it works.

#12DaysOfGiveaways | Our BabyLit Book Tradition by The Modern DadMy wife was a elementary school teacher for years. That meant she had tons and tons of books of every theme you could think of. Her Christmas book collection was good, but we needed to spice it up a bit. BabyLit books are some of our favorite and they have great choices for Christmas.

#12DaysOfGiveaways | Our BabyLit Book Tradition by The Modern DadWe added A Christmas Carol a couple years ago, but this year were able to add S Is for Santa. This book is great because it’s an alphabet book that is completely Christmas themed. Our kids have loved these books and I have never met a board book I haven’t liked by them. Check out all their holiday books.

#12DaysOfGiveaways | Our BabyLit Book Tradition by The Modern DadSo for our book tradition we wrap up 25 Christmas books, put them under the tree, and every morning the kids get to open a book. They’re always the same books, but it’s a fun way to get them excited about reading a different book every night. Also, they don’t care about the other gifts because they know they get to open the book traditions.

Favorite Board Books | BabyLit by The Modern DadWhatever traditions your family has, I hope you find some that get you to spend quality time with your kids. I know my kids love when I sit down with them and read a book they love. BabyLit has made book time for all of us way more enjoyable. Check out their entire collection and get your favorites ordered. They make amazing stocking stuffers for the little ones in your life.