Making My Clothes Look Faultless

This post has been sponsored by Faultless Brands. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Maybe it’s my age or the fact that I enjoy wearing more than just a t-shirt all the time, but I own a lot button-up shirts. However, when it comes to laundry, button-up shirts can be a little scary because of ironing—right? Thankfully, when I use Faultless® Premium Ironing Spray, it not only makes my ironing look professional, but it makes me want to brag and tell everyone about it.

Ironing is probably one of the most intimidating things for me when it comes to household chores. I mean, I wear a lot of shirts that need ironing but I don’t want to spend a ton of money taking them all to the dry cleaner. So I was excited when I discovered Faultless Ironing Spray. Basically, I’m using a product that the professionals use but not spending the same amount of money—that’s a win!

When it comes to taking care of clothes, I do anything and everything to keep them looking like the day I bought them. There is something satisfying about having your clothes look perfectly ironed, but knowing you did it yourself is even more rewarding. Plus, as a guy, if you start doing all the ironing and using ironing spray, you will wow everyone at the office, church, and especially your wife.

I love looking in my closet and seeing clean, pressed clothes without breaking the bank. Plus, I love showing my kids how simple it is to take care of our clothes and to make them all look nice. 

Try Faultless Premium Ironing Spray. A simple pressing using ironing spray is going to make you look like the professional you are.  

Faultless Ironing Spray may not be available in all areas, but the same company also makes Niagara and Magic Ironing Sprays. You can find them all on