How did I get so lucky to get such amazing women in my life? Three amazing mothers that truly do anything and everything for others. They put us all before themselves and want nothing but the best for their children. So today I do an early shout out to the amazing mothers in my life and say Happy Mothers Day.

Me & my mom

First is the one the one that raised me. My mom has been the greatest example of putting others before herself. A few years back my mom was crushed by our truck while helping the youth of our neighborhood. When the paramedics showed up to get her help the first thing she said was, “Are all the girls safe and okay?” She cared that they were all taken care of before herself. She is always the last to sit and eat at the dinner table and the last to relax on the couch because she has to make sure everyone is taken care of.  She is so selfless and has taught me that happiness comes from putting others first.

amazing mother-in-law

It’s funny because my whole life I was told horror stories of crazy mother-in-law’s. I really lucked out with my amazing mother-in-law. She has taught me to always put her kids and family first. Even if she has plans to go out and do something that could be much more fun she loves spending time with her family. She will drop what she is doing to visit with us, spend time with our son, or just to hear what we or any of her kids have been up to.  She has modeled perfectly the priority that I want to establish in my own home- family first.

we always have a blast

Finally, the woman of my dreams became even more amazing when she brought our little bundle of joy into our life. My wife, the mother of our son, couldn’t be a better example of what perfection is. She supports me in every crazy dream that I have and always wants to go along for the ride. She has the deepest love for children, after directing her sixth elementary school musical this year, she showed me again how she will do anything to help kids know how amazing they are and gets them to shine. Not only does she inspire other’s children to do their best, but she teaches our son every day by reading to him, taking him on amazing adventures, and teaches him that helping others is what our family does.

one amazing mother

Days aren’t always easy being a mom and she has been able to manage it far better than I ever could. She handles blow outs on her clothes, spit up into her mouth, hair pulling, and no sleep. She’s learned to be flexible and to always put family first.  She does it all and makes motherhood look easy.

For all you mothers out there, I say, “Thank you!!!” Thank you for all you do to raise the future of our country and for being the perfect examples for us all to look up to. Happy Mothers Day ladies!  I hope you get the time to kick up your feet and enjoy an actual day off.

Love you mom!