Now That’s a Wrap

Having a baby can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to finding a carrier and which one is best for both you and your baby’s needs. Well, I have decided to talk about my favorite carriers, why I love them, and where you can get them.

Carriers all serve a different purpose and are great for different things which is why I wanted to separate the carriers into different posts. That way I don’t overwhelm you and you get all the information on the favorites I have. So here we go…

I wanted to start with a wrap. The great thing about a wrap is that they keep your baby close to you and make them easily accessible to feed (that is right, you can breast feed them while they are in the wrap). What I personally love about that is that it helps keep mom more covered up and it really isn’t as obvious what you’re doing.

Now which wrap is my personal favorite? I am obsessed with Solly Baby Wraps. They are made of a light weight material making them more breathable with a slight stretch. The colors are fantastic: coral, mint, orchid, black, and my personal favorite natural and grey stripe. They are also custom-dyed in LA, using environmentally-friendly dyes. That is always a plus! And everything from the fabric to the packaging is made in the US.

Even dad can have baby close

Even dad can have baby close

The fabric is super soft made from micro-bamboo which is laundered in a special way making them even softer.  A big plus for them is that their wraps are made from 100% bamboo. Bamboo is naturally anti-microbial, wicks away moisture, and does not sag or droop. I thought that because they stretched they would lose their elasticity, but that is not the case with this material. 

Solly Baby-9035

Wraps tend to be a little bulky when you aren’t using them. Let’s be honest, I have tried a billion times at my work to try to get other wraps that we have back into their bag and you really have to roll them up tight to make them fit. Well what is great about the Solly Baby Wrap is that has a pocket on the end for handy storing instead of having a separate carrying case. If that wasn’t enough to sell you then this will- there is a hidden pocket to keep an extra pacifier when you’re out and about.


I was able to talk to Elle Rowley about the wraps and she let me know that coming up “we just started our partnership with Every Mother Counts, an amazing charity started by Christy Turlington to improve maternal health globally. We donate $1 of every wrap purchase online to their charity and will soon add a retailer component.” How amazing is THAT!!!

So what are you waiting for? Order your Solly Baby Wrap today. And if your husband is a little skeptical, show him this post and clearly he can see that even the trendiest dad’s wear Solly Baby Wraps. If you are in the Salt Lake Valley you can get them at Babinskis Baby. You won’t regret your purchase and you can tell them that The Modern Dad sent you.