In Need of Winter Wear? Me Too!

Winter is upon us here in Utah and it is finally time to get serious about our winter wear. This year has been a crazy year and taught us a lot, that why we decided it was time to get some serious necessities for whatever next year (and other years) will bring.

The last time I purchased winter clothes for myself, it was years ago! I still have a snowboarding coat I got in college (2004 to be exact). To say I needed to get some new winter wear is a bit of an understatement.

Thankfully, Dick’s Sporting Goods has an amazing selection for everyone. Trust me when I say, I was blown away by the choices and brands that they carried. When I think of Dick’s Sporting Goods, I think of just that—sporting goods!

Let me show you some of my favorite things and maybe you’ll like it too.

Men’s Winter Wear

Clearly, I need a great coat. The selection is perfection, and I love having options. That why I was looking at Patagonia, Columbia, and Burton. All fantastic brands that I have loved for year, but also styles that I love.

Having lived in Utah most of my life, I knew that you can’t always just have a coat during the winter months, but also need a good jacket—not just a windbreaker! That why I was looking at Nike, The North Face, and Patagonia.

Winter Footwear – Men

Now for my favorite thing—FOOTWEAR! The last time I actually purchased some great winter weather boots was probably elementary. What I needed was waterproof, classic looks, and stylish of course. Can’t go wrong with Columbia, Sorel, and Timberland.

Ladies Winter Wear

Clearly, if I am going to get some new winter clothes for myself, I am going to get it for my family too. Emily is no stranger to me getting her new clothes. A grabbed her a parka from The North Face, a bomber jacket from Columbia, and a super cute Patagonia jacket.

Winter Footwear – Women

I know, Doc Martins were the THING in junior high and high school for me, and for them to come back brings back to many memories. When I saw that Dick’s Sporting Goods had them, it was time to get Emily a pair. But these North Face ones were too good to pass on. And everyone needs a classic pair of Sorels, am I right?

The Kids—Winter Wear

Everyone knows if you have kids, you are constantly buying new winter wear. It seems like they just keep growing, so they need new stuff all the time. That is why I focused on getting stuff for my oldest two because I want to get quality products that will last. I can always replace for them, as long as they will last for the smaller two.

The North Face jacket is a must! We had one in New York with Nixon and he was great with the East coast cold. Kept the cold out and that is much needed with little ones. I had to check out the Columbia Action II Winter Jacket because it’s cute, but also the grow system that it has makes sense to me. And every little girl needs a fur hood, and The North Face parka is exactly what I needed to get for Olive.

Overalls are classic, especially for your little ones. Since they’re classic, I had to get good, long lasting, quality products. That is why I got Carhartt and Columbia. I know that these will last through two sets of kids, which is always key when you have more than two kids.

When looking for winter wear, might I suggest shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods? It’s nothing that I thought it would be, and it absolutely blew me out of the water.