What Makes a Modern Dad?

Clearly dads have been around forever, but they haven’t always been as involved in their kids lives as they are now. But what is it that makes a man a modern dad?

  1. Cares what they wear: The Modern Dad actually has style and wants their children looking good. They take that personal style and pick cute clothes for their kids, dress them, and it actually looks good. He is keeping up with the latest trends and organizing it all by using Pinterest. How many guys and dads do you know that are actively pinning and pinning stuff YOU pin? Check it out here.
  2. Shopaholic: Not only does The Modern Dad care about what he, his kids, and wife are wearing, but he also will be the one to go shopping for them. How many dads do you know that not only enjoy shopping, but actually love it? The Modern Dad will go with his wife to buy new clothes and let her know what looks amazing on her. He also picks the clothes for the kids and enjoys every second of it, doesn’t matter how long it takes.
  3. It’s your turn: There are no turns when it comes to being a modern dad. The Modern Dad changes diapers when they need to be changed. Never does he say, “It’s your turn!”
  4. Cleaning machine: The Modern Dad knows how crazy things are for mom, so he helps out and gets things done around the house. Cleaning doesn’t happen unless someone takes the time to do it. So while mom is feeding the baby or trying to relax once the kids are down, The Modern Dad gets to cleaning and lets mom relax and have a break.
  5. Dinner is served: The Modern Dad works all day in the office, but knows that mom is home working all day too being a mother. The Modern Dad will cook dinner and not just BBQ, throw a frozen pizza in the oven, or make spaghetti. He plans ahead, preps everything, and really makes an amazing meal for his family.
  6. Family first: He only wants to be with his family and spending time with them. No matter what his friends are doing, he just wants to be with his family unless they can all be together, and has a blast when he’s with them.
  7. Works out with family: Instead of going to the gym for hours The Modern Dad will go for walks with his family. He also takes his child with him when he goes running so that they can spend time together. If The Modern Dad does go to the gym he goes during time that isn’t taking away from family, usually wakes up earlier than the family so he won’t miss out on anything.
  8. Tries new things that aren’t the norm: The Modern Dad has hobbies and different thing he enjoys doing, but he also finds things that his wife enjoys and takes part in them: baking, quilting, or going to museums and art galleries. He will do these things on his own free will wanting to do things that his wife enjoys because they have fun together and he likes trying new things out of his norm.
  9. Researches his purchases: You always hear how moms are researching every product that they are going to buy for their kids: strollers, car seats, cribs, etc. The Modern Dad wants the best for his kids actually cares about each purchase making sure that he is getting the very best.
  10. Spiritually cares: Takes his calling in church to the next level by reaching out to each individual in his Sunday school class and letting them know how much he truly cares about them. Making great treats for his class so that he can sit back (after the lesson of course) and talk about what is going on in their lives. Leads in family spirituality, prayers, one on one chats and scripture study. The Modern Dad truly cares about those he serves and wants nothing but the best for them.

The moral of the story is, dads are changing. We aren’t just sitting around when we get home from work and having mom do everything. We are here to help as part of the team and love being a parent.