Breaking Bad

For some reason my wife and I are always behind on the shows that we watch. First we were hooked on Friday Night Lights, then we fell into the trap of watching Parenthood, and now we are currently hooked on Breaking Bad.

Instantly I fell in love with this show because I have a weird obsession with crimes, drugs, and stories that could be real in TV shows. I know, it’s weird, but seriously I can’t get enough of them. I really love shows talking about real life people in prison, their stories, what they did to get them there. I also get sucked into watching shows about gang members and how they get started, what made them do what they do, and what kind of trouble they get into.

I am honestly weird, but I love knowing the things that people will do for family. I think that is what I am currently loving about Breaking Bad. The show about a chemistry teacher that finds out he has lung cancer and will do anything to help his family and pay for his treatments and secure funds for them when he dies. Even if that means that he has to start cooking meth. Honestly, so crazy to me, but absolutely makes sense. Just so you know I won’t be doing this for my family but it’s nice to know what my options are.

For years fathers have done just about everything to support and provide for their families. For a time I was working three jobs to make sure that my family was being taken care of. Granted I wasn’t cooking and selling meth, but I was going to crazy lengths to make sure that our needs were being made.

Now I look back thinking how crazy I was. I was not only doing everything I could to provide for my family, but I was completely wearing myself out. It was crazy though because I never felt tired or worn out. I knew that I was doing everything I could to support my family, but at the a cost. I was exhausting myself, I also was missing out on precious time with my family. I never saw them, I would get up early, work, come home late and pass right out. It was exhausting for everyone.

Fortunately I have finally been able to cut down to one job and so that I can be around more. I am excited because I get to be more involved in my family’s life, but I also won’t be so worn out and grumpy all the time, well some of the time.