Making a Silhouette Memory

You would think that I lived in California with how often people around here went to Disneyland. It’s pretty expected to be in Disneyland in October to see the place packed with University of Utah and BYU sweaters lining Main Street waiting for the parades.

disneyland silhouette

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like every time I walk down main street I look into the famous silhouette shop and think to myself how fun it would be to get that done. They are a classic keepsake that you can have around your place forever to capture that special phase of life.

The problem is, we can’t all make it out to California and Disneyland all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice if that special keepsake came to you and was just as intricate and amazing as the ones they sell on Main Street in Disneyland?

How cool is this guy? Artist Karl Johnson has been doing silhouette cutting for years, it’s in his blood. His work is amazing, just the way that he captures every little detail. After watching this video, don’t you wish that you could get his done for your kids? Well, you can!


This week, at Babinskis in Foothill Village, Karl Johnson is going to be doing five minute silhouette cut outs for whoever you want. I mean, how cute would it be if you got all your family members together, booked your five minute appointment, and had everyones silhouette cut out to display in a picture collage on your wall.

So give them a call 801-583-2229 and book your appointment today. He is only going to be there from 11am-2pm and the spots are going fast.