Just Say MA MA!!!

Nothing is cuter than when you child starts talking. Now granted, the words he is saying don’t make sense at all. He does have one thing down “DA DA!!!”

Clearly I was ecstatic when I heard him say this. He says da da da da da….all the time. “Who’s your favorite?” “Da da.” “Who makes you laugh harder than anyone you know?” “Da da.” “If you could be like anyone in the world, who would it be?” “Da da.” I could almost cry with all these perfect answers.

But one day I thought, “If this is making me so happy and excited to hear, what is his mother thinking?” Every time he is screaming he yells da da. Every time he sees anyone he says da da. Always da da, but why not ma ma?

Mom is with him all day caring for him when he won’t eat the pear, squash, and kale mixture because of the texture. He spits it out and smears it all over the place then goes down for a nap. While taking his 20 minute nap mom is there trying to clean up the huge mess that was made during lunch.

Who is the one there when baby is screaming in the middle of the night from teething, or because he didn’t eat enough before bed?  Mom is the one getting up to comfort him trying to make sure that everything is okay because he’ll only take breast milk. Feeling all over his crib trying to find his binky without turning on the light and bumping her head in the process. And the whole time all he keeps yelling is da da.

It’s like they always say though, “First the worst, second the same, last the best of all the gang.” Even though da da might be the first thing your child may say (because apparently it’s easier), they save the best parent for last.

That day will come when your child is saying ma ma all the time. It will come and will put the biggest smile on your face, but then you will know how I feel where everything is ma ma. Not only will you love that sound the first time they say it, but you will know how truly grateful they are for you.

Mothers, your children love you and get that you really do everything, it’s just da da is so much easier to say. So know that your child doesn’t love da da more, but da da is a sucker and always thinks that if their child says their name first it means they are special. Let dad fall for it and know that you are the apple of your child’s eye.