Their 40 Year Example

By looking at them, you would never think that my parents have been married for 40 years. If that is the case, then that means that they adopted me when they were like 2 and 3. Awkward!!!

But seriously, I have learned so much from watching my parents together this whole time. I figured that I would share what they have taught me, with you:

  1. Care about your health: As long as I can remember, my parents have been active: going to the gym everyday, long walks along the the canal and park that was by our house, and playing volleyball competitively. The thing is though, they were always together. My mom went to so many volleyball tournaments that if you were to connect all the gyms that she has been to it would go around the world twice. Seriously! Okay maybe not. But they always are together walking, working out, and supporting one another. Also, because of their healthy lifestyles, they have been able to do so many adventures together.
  2. Helping the Hurt One: Being as active as my parents are, they tend to get injured. My mom was crushed by a truck trying to take down flags with the local youth of our church. My dad was constantly by her side getting her through the rehab, therapy, and helping her strengthen herself so that she could have a great recovery.
  3. Vacationing: From their honeymoon to the present they have made it a habit to travel together.  They not only plan fun trips to take together but any business trip that my dad goes on you will often find my mom.  Not only that but they make it a point to vacation with the entire family, kids and grandkids included.  Vacationing for them has been a way to strengthen relationships and create memories.
  4. Ladies first: One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from my parents is how to show respect and love for your spouse.  My dad is a gentleman.  He always opens doors, especially car doors and lets women go first.  He has a reverence towards women and has helped teach me that women and mothers are our number one priority. Always treat your wife, and mother of your children, with the utmost respect and appreciation.

So here are some lessons learned for each decade of their marriage.  I have been blessed by their examples and hope to follow in their footsteps.