The Best Two Years

Usually, when you hear people say that they are talking about their LDS mission. I mean, yeah it was great, but I don’t think anything can compare to the past two years of being married to my amazing wife.

It’s is crazy what we have done in just two years, but when you get the two of us together there is no stoping us. We want to conquer the world, but we’re going to do it together.

Looking back at these two years together I think, we have really accomplished a ton together and had a ton of fun. So, let’s go back and look at the amazing two years that we have been able to share together and some of the amazing moments that we’ll never forget:


Our engagements were done by the very talented Stephen Phung. His work is honestly so amazing and I am grateful to call him my friend.

wedding day

Then came our amazing wedding day. We had the best wedding I’ve ever been to. Is that bad to say? It was classic and amazing!

it's a boy

We weren’t getting any younger and we’ve both always wanted a big family. So after a few months into the marriage, we found out we were pregnant with a little boy that has changed our lives forever.

disneyland ice cream

Being together we always love to get treats together, but nothing is sweeter than the amazing woman I call my wife. Ohhhh….

pregnant at disneyland

Nothing is more fun than the many times we’ve been able to go to Disneyland together. We went for our honeymoon and then again while we were pregnant. Even though she couldn’t go on all the rides, we had a blast. We love making memories together and having fun trips.

newborn baby nixon

We welcomed Nixon into our family August 19th and he has changed us for the better each and every day. What a joy it has been to become parents to such an amazing little guy.

cheering on our boys


We love cheering on others, but doing it together makes it so much more fun. During this time, we were able to cheer on some of the kids in our Sunday school class. We loved attending all their sporting events and it always gave us something fun to do together.

family dinnerDinner together is all for us, but we have loved taking our little guy with us everywhere we go. This was our Valentines Day dinner, we didn’t want to have someone else watch Nixon, so we took him along. We have learned that no matter what we do we love doing it as a family.

les mis

The thing is, this all started because we met up at our favorite show: Les Miserables. We have seen it a billion times together now and each and every time we fall more and more in love.

So here is to eternity and the many more memories that we will be making together. Love you Emily!