Family Crepe Catering

For years, my wife hosted hundreds of crepe parties giving singles from all over the valley a place to meet new people and where plenty of couples were set up and eventually married. This was a big deal, like every Tuesday for ten years.  If you lived near to the Salt Lake Valley during the twenty first century, you either attended or heard about them. It’s funny because you would think that I would be all about going to parties to meet people, but I am stubborn.  I get comfortable in my ways and never really have been the one to want to go to events to meet new people. Being married to such a people person has forced me to change and it’s been a lot of fun.

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From going to single parties to catering weddings she has taken this craft of crepe making to a whole new level. People who have had these amazing crepes want to have them at special events: weddings, family gatherings, large get togethers, etc.

Recently, she was asked to cater a friend’s wedding. It was so fun to be together during the process and work as a team. We really work great together and enjoy sharing these amazing treats with others. It is so fun to watch people enjoy a night with their friends, kind of like what my wife did for her friends for so many years.

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Well, we decided that we would take this to the next level and start a business out of it. Crepe catering is something that isn’t done by everyone, but everyone that has them loves them and always asks where they’re from and how they can have them at their next event.

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Here is the information if your interested:

We charge $4.00 per crepe if it is a buffet style and $5.00 per crepe if they are pre-prepared.  Our favorite toppings are our famous cream cheese filling, homemade hot fudge sauce and fruit. We don’t provide flatware or silverware, but can for an increased fee.

You can contact me at [email protected] and we can see if our schedule is open for your next event. Believe me, we’re a blast and you’d love to involve us in your special moment.