When We’re Healthy We’re Happy

2014 was a great year of getting healthy, but for short term gain. I lost 40 lbs for Hawaii and never felt better about myself and just felt better in general. It wasn’t until I started getting back into my unhealthy lifestyle where I realized what a difference it all made. Well, 2015 is bring a healthy new year and making it stay.

Day four of the week of resolutions is Having a Healthy New Year and setting goals.

Healthy and happy

Susan Peterson, owner of Freshly Picked moccasins, told me that if you don’t write down your goals you won’t complete them. Ever since then I have written down my goals, achieved a lot of them, but always had problems with setting goals that took a long time. Susan just released her Biz School: Goal Writing with Susan.

I am a person that loves to set goals that I can get done in about three months tops. I don’t like to write stuff down that could take a while to complete. I want instant gratification. I have had to work on teaching myself that some things aren’t going to get crossed off today, tomorrow, next week, or maybe even this year. But they are things to continue working towards until they are completed.

Then for my Healthy New Years Goals I want to set goals that I can complete daily, weekly, monthly, and at the end of the year look back and be proud of what I have accomplished.

I may not share every single detail that I am going to work on, but here are a few of my favorites:

Healthy living run for the money

Run for the money. I want to sign up for a race (half marathon or full) and place in my age division. Now I may not get money, but you have to pay money and I want to make that money count.

Get healthy get below 200 lbs

Get below 200 lbs. We all have an ideal weight, but no matter what weight you get to I feel like we tend to never really be happy with how we look. I know that when I am below 200 my clothes fit best, I look my best, and I am always happier with myself. Plus, it’s easier on my body being a lighter weight. That weight would be better on my knees and in the long run keep me around for my family.

healthy living gym time

Daily work gets monthly results. I know that if I work out every week day by the end of the month I will physically see results. While doing this I will be taking pictures to compare myself each and every month. When you see yourself every day in the mirror it’s hard to see what has changed, but when you can look at images from every month or week it’s easy to see how your body has changed.

Healthy living eat better

Eat better, feel better. I go on these crazy diets all the time to drop weight quick, only to gain it back plus more. I mean, who thinks they can survive off saltine crackers, peanut butter and ice water? I tried that and clearly it didn’t last, but I saw my results after a couple weeks. Now I want to get healthy and keep healthy. When I was eating healthy and losing for Hawaii I felt better, but my problem is that I love sweets, pizza and bread. I would crave these things all the time and just want to eat it all. Most people get a pizza and eat a couple slices, but I eat it like I will never get to have it again. I will easily eat a whole large pizza in one sitting. Clearly I have a problem. That is what made me decide that it’s time to make a change. I will eat better, feel better and look better.

Healthy family in Hawaii

Have a healthy family. It’s one thing to try to get healthy on your own, but if your family isn’t on board with you it makes things very difficult. I know that we can all do it together because we have before. My wife wants to make changes too and that makes things a breeze. Eating healthy dinners cooked at home together is much better than trying to eat healthy on your own while your family eats anything they want. We were always giving my son healthy food while dieting and he loved it: beans, celery, carrots, broccoli, etc. The kid loves it all…well maybe not lettuce. Starting healthy habits now will help everyone in the long run.

Having healthy habits and goals to work towards is something I can’t wait to keep doing. Not only for me, but for my entire family. It’s a team effort over here and we’re excited for how good we’re going to look come 2016.