The 2015 Mothers of the Year

With Mother’s Day happening this weekend I couldn’t be more excited. There is something about celebrating motherhood and all the amazing mother’s out there. Really, I don’t care who you are, there are so many mothers out there to look up to, learn from their amazing examples and applaud them for all their hard work in life and being a mom.

I felt like I would share my top 25 amazing mothers from major entrepreneurs, bloggers, warriors, celebrities (of course) and women of power.

2015 Mother of the Year | Susan Petersen | The Modern Dad

Susan Peterson | Freshly Picked CEO – This is a woman that had a dream, worked her butt off and has become a major powerhouse. I have major respect for her because with all that has come her way from her hard work she is the most down to earth, fun and inspiring mother.


2015 Mother of the Year | Amy Richardson | The Modern Dad

Amy Richardson | Little Hip Squeaks Founder – For years I have had contact with Amy through different events. Once we finally met in person we felt like we had known each other for YEARS. Here is another hard working mother that has built her empire in the fashion capital of the world.


2015 Mother of the Year | Elle Rowley | The Modern Dad

Elle Rowley | Solly Baby Wrap Creator – Here is another mother that had a dream and achieved it. This mother made a dream happen when she took her family on a Wrap Around the World adventure. When a mother incorporates her family and work I have major respect for that.


2015 Mother of the Year | Naomi Davis | The Modern Dad

Naomi Davis | Love Taza – If you haven’t heard of Love Taza then you haven’t been reading the biggest most influential mommy blogger. Her Instagram feed blows my mind each and every day. Naomi is an active mom spending time with her kids in Manhattan, New York where they go to parks, museums and church.


2015 Mother of the Year | Alison Faulkner | The Modern Dad

Alison Faulkner | The Alison Show – Here is a mother that created her own show, but what it is that makes me respect her each and every day is how she is not afraid to be herself. She also has a motivating Awesome Series where she gets real and keeps you feeling good about yourself, she busts out epic dance moves all the time, makes a fantastic cookie and the girl can throw a party!


2015 Mother of the Year | Diana Smith | The Modern Dad

Diana Smith | Livy Loves to Run – Nothing motivates me more than following the stories of others. Diana started by realizing she needed to become healthier for her children. So she put on some running shoes, went for a walk and the rest is history. Now, 100 lbs lighter she is motivating mothers and dads all over the country, and world I’m sure. She is expecting a baby and loving being active during this pregnancy.


2015 Mother of the Year | Stephanie Nielson | The Modern Dad

Stephanie Nielson | Nie Nie Dialogues – The perfect looking family if you ask me. Stephanie and her husband were in a plane crash where 80% of her body was covered in burns. After recovering she continually is showing others that it’s hard, but it’s not about what’s on the outside that matters. If you ask me though, she is absolutely gorgeous and has the most beautiful family that she is so proud of.


2015 Mother of the Year | Joy Cho | The Modern Dad

Joy Cho | Founder of Oh Joy! – Authored two books, consulted for hundreds of creative businesses around the world and is a mother. Joy takes the most creative patterns and collaborates with other brands used by mothers.


2015 Mother of the Year | Toya Graham | The Modern Dad

Toya Graham | Baltimore Mother of the Year – This is the mother that was seen all over the world pulling her son off the streets of Baltimore rioting. Some say they wish more parents were like her and I couldn’t agree more. She showed that sometimes you have to be aggressive to save your child from something they would otherwise regret doing for the rest of their lives. I applaud you Toya.


2015 Mother of the Year | Andrea Swift | The Modern Dad

Andrea Swift | Taylor’s Mom – Here is a mother whose daughter is the example to millions of young girls all over the world. Never had you heard of Andrea until Taylor had announced that her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Now she is not only having to continue raising an amazingly powerful daughter, but has to continue being strong and powerful herself.


2015 Mother of the Year | Sandra Bullock | The Modern Dad

Sandra Bullock | Sexiest Woman Alive – Now isn’t that a title? Sexiest woman alive is a big responsibility and what she said made her sexy/beautiful (in her words) was being a kind person and being a mom. Really, nothing is sexier than being an amazing mother.


2015 Mother of the Year | Kourtney Kardashian | The Modern Dad

Kourtney Kardashian | Mother of Three – You know that I can’t talk about celebrities and not include a Kardashian, right? Kourtney recently had her third child Reign. People say celebrities have it SO easy because they have so much help. They are still their kids and they are taking care of them. I love how protective she is of her children and I really love her kids style.


2015 Mother of the Year | Michelle Obama | The Modern Dad

Michelle Obama | First Lady – Whether you’re democrat or republican you know who she is and how she has been working on making a difference in the school systems with having healthier options being served. Being the first lady has a lot of responsibility, but Michelle makes sure that her responsibility of motherhood comes first.


2015 Mother of the Year | Sarah Jessica Parker | The Modern Dad

Sarah Jessica Parker | Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – My whole life I have loved Sarah Jessica Parker. From the moment I saw her on ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ to ‘Sex and the City’ I have always been a fan. So when I heard that she was having twin girls I knew it was going to be amazing for all of us. She is the cutest mother to those girls and I love seeing these girls just having fun.


2015 Mother of the Year | Beyoncé | The Modern Dad

Beyonce | Singer – I feel like I have grown up with Beyonce. We’re the same age and to see her go from a young girl group to an amazing solo star is fantastic. I just think that being a mother in her position of fame can be hard because you are an example to so many young girls, but the most important young girl in her life is her adorable daughter Blue Ivy.


2015 Mother of the Year | Kate Middleton | The Modern Dad

Kate Middleton | Duchess of Cambridge – We all were there for the moment that Prince William and Kate were married. When they announced that they were pregnant it was funny because we were too, and due around the same time. She has brought back the feeling of Princess Diana’s classiness and being an amazing mother keeping her child out of the spotlight at such a young age. And of course, congratulations on the birth of the new princess.


2015 Mother of the Year | Tory Burch | The Modern Dad

Tory Burch | Billionaire Fashion Designer – Here is a mother that has created a brand loved by so many women, but what I truly love about her is that she is a mother and sets an amazing example to her children. She created a brand from the ground up showing them that hard work can really pay off.


2015 Mother of the Year | Jenna Lyons | The Modern Dad

Jenna Lyons | J. Crew Creative Director and President – I am totally obsessed with J. Crew, which in turn means that I am obsessed with Jenna. Here is another hard working mother working in the fashion industry, but setting an example to her children with her amazing style.


2015 Mother of the Year | Angela  Ahrendts | The Modern Dad

Angela Ahrendts | Business Woman – Here is a woman that was the CEO of Burberry from 2006 to 2014 that, last year, left Burberry to join Apple Inc. as Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Sales. To be able to do all that and be a mother is mind blowing to me. She is a mother that represents hard work and dedication can achieve so much.


2015 Mother of the Year | Katie Couric | The Modern Dad

Katie Couric | Journalist – I have always been a fan of Katie and her nice personality that makes you want to share what’s going on in your life. I feel like she is the nicest mother out there. After losing her husband to cancer she was left with the responsibility of raising her kids herself and she did an amazing job since you never hear about her children in the news for being wild and crazy.


2015 Mother of the Year | Candace Cameron-Bure | The Modern Dad

Candace Cameron-Bure | Actress – If you grew up in the early 90s you can’t forget the lovable DJ Tanner of Full House. Well, Candace had recently returned to TV on Dancing with the Stars where she set the example to not be dressing trashy because she has kids watching her and standards. Recently it was announced that she will be coming back with a Full House reunion and becoming the new mom of TV on Fuller House.


2015 Mother of the Year | Merrilee Liddiard | The Modern Dad

Merrilee Liddiard | Mer Mag – These day’s you see more and more kids with an iPad in their hands to keep them entertained. Merrilee takes a different approach by creating, celebrating, playing, reading, doing and wearing anything and all things that inspire her. Her creativity is contagious and her projects are absolutely adorable.


2015 Mother of the Year | Andrea Williams | The Modern Dad

Andrea Williams | Tubby Todd Creator – A mother that cares so much about the heath and protection of her child’s skin is one thing, but to take that to the next level and create a product for all kids is phenomenal. Andrea has created a product that has helped so many with eczema, but smells like absolute perfection.


2015 Mother of the Year | Jessica Alba | The Modern Dad

Jessica Alba | Honest Co. Co-Founder – I mean who doesn’t know who Jessica Alba is? Major celebrity and when she had her girls she decided that it was time to make a difference. She created Honest Company that emphasizes non-toxic household products to supply the marketplace for ethical consumerism. Their products are to die for and the diapers are seriously so cute!


2015 Mother of the Year | Gisele Bundchen | The Modern Dad

Gisele Bundchen | Former Fashion Model – It has got to be hard to be a fashion model and mother. Okay, maybe not. But Gisele recently retired from modeling so that she could spend time in other parts of her life. Being a mother is definitely one of those things and she has always been an active mother in her children’s lives.