The Amazing Mother’s of My Life

The term momma’s boy always has a negative connotation. For me I never had a problem with anyone ever referring to me as a momma’s boy. As a matter of fact, I pray that I am considered to be a momma’s boy for the rest of my life because there is no other person that I love more.

Today I dedicate this post to the moms in my life and their examples of hard work, the challenges that they have had to overcome and for putting up with my craziness.

My Mother-In-Law

Amazing Mother's | The Modern Dad

Before meeting my wife I dated a lot of girls and their mom’s were great. I would think, what if they were to become my mother-in-law? When I met my wife’s parents for the first time I knew they were going to be the best in-laws a person could ask for.

I have a hard time letting people watch my son because I am one of those super protective parents, but my mother-in-law is one of those people that I have never had a problem with knowing that he would be in the best care. Having raised five amazing kids herself I know that if any of that can rub off onto our child we will have one amazing kid.

She is willing to help us out when it may not be the most convenient for her. She cares so much about her children and grandchildren that she will drop anything she is doing to be at a dance recital, soccer game, play performance or just to watch them run in the yard. She has shown us what it truly means to be selfless and how to serve others with no thought of reward.

The Woman Who Birthed Me

For most people this would be the mother that they grew up with; the mother that cared for them, but when you’re adopted that isn’t the case.

I have known my entire life that I was adopted and my entire life I have grown up being so grateful for the woman that was able to give me a better life. How selfless she was to say, “I won’t be able to raise this child like I’d want to, so I will give him the life he deserves.” And who are we kidding, just looking at me and how cute I was I bet it was heart breaking to let me go.

But honestly, I am grateful for the woman that she was to be able to not want to try raising me, but giving me a real life with the family that I have been raised by. It takes a big hearted mother to be able to put her child into the path of adoption.

My Mother

Amazing Mother's | The Modern Dad

There have been too many times that I have thought it was almost the last time I would be with this woman. My mother is quite the fighter. From being smashed by a truck helping the youth in our ward to falling in the kitchen breaking her hip while making dinner for Mother’s Day. This woman has been the most selfless, kind hearted, best example of what it means to do everything for others before yourself.

Last year my mom was in the kitchen when she slipped on the wet tile, falling and breaking her hip. I flew with my family in the car to be by her side and help her the best I could. After all the times my mom was by my side I had to do everything I could to help her. Here was the woman that took me to the doctor for both broken arms, my broken wrist, the time I passed out in Hawaii and I can’t even count the number of sick day’s home from school.

I honestly don’t know what I would do if something were ever to happen to my mom again. I love and care for her so much and with all she has been through I am grateful to be her son. I don’t know how she has survived all her falls and close calls, but also her patience in raising me. She has a golden throne in heaven for all that she has done here, that’s for sure!

My Wife

Amazing Mother's | The Modern Dad

Where do I even begin? Here is a woman that finds all kinds of creative activities for our son to do so that he isn’t always in front of a TV and is constantly being educated. Here is a woman that chases a sports fanatic that wants to play with every ball in the house, practices bounce passes and gets everything thrown at her because he is practicing his pitching. Here is the woman that takes on the world. From directing school musicals to teaching sewing classes so that young girls (and boys) in the valley can keep this amazing talent alive; all this while being pregnant with our second child.

It’s funny because there have been times when I will have our son on a Saturday while she is teaching sewing and I get the house clean. She will get home and say, “You got so much done!” Ummm…pretty sure you get more done in a week than I have ever gotten done in one Saturday.

Several times I’ve had a reality check. I come home from work to a cranky boy and start to freak out after 5 minutes, but she has dealt with him for 8 hours. She sets the example of what a mother is to me every day and I am truly grateful for all that she does for our little family.

I love how she sets goals for us and does all that she can to help achieving them. I love having her as a teammate and partner in crime. I love having someone that I can talk to and can put me in my place helping me realize I’m a little dramatic at times. I love having the best shopping partner that too can NOT say no in every store we go in. I love having a date every night, even if that just means sitting on the couch watching Jimmy Fallon while drinking Dirty Diet Cokes. And of course I love having someone that likes to take walks through the neighborhood to talk about our future plans and what we are doing now to make those plans happen.

Amazing Mother's | The Modern Dad

My wife is everything I had ever wanted and I couldn’t have asked for better. I am excited for her to have not only a little boy, but a little girl that she will be able to teach all that she knows. Really, there is no better way to teach than by setting an example and with that being the case, I know I have nothing to worry about.

I truly love my wife and am so grateful for the amazing example that she sets for me, our children and all those we come in contact with. If you know my wife, you know for certain that I married up.