30 Days of Bow Ties

What is it about a bow tie that makes people take a second look? What if you saw a person wearing a different bow tie for 30 days in a row, what would you think of them? And what would you think once they stopped wearing them?

During the month of April I decided to challenge myself to wearing a different bow tie every day for 30 days. I did this because I wanted to see the reaction I would get from people seeing a guy in a bow tie every day, but also to see what the reaction would be after the challenge was over.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and I would definitely have to agree. After wearing a bow tie every day for 30 days I feel weird not getting up and putting one on anymore. I also get people saying things like, “What, no bow tie today?” or “I loved seeing what bow tie you were going to wear every day, can you keep that up?”

Granted, I loved trying to find something to wear with each bow tie, after a while it would get hard. I didn’t always want to be dressy for work, especially on casual Fridays, but just because I had to wear a bow tie didn’t mean I had to lose my comfort.

It’s crazy how different brands of bow ties can be styled in so many different ways. By taking a silk bow tie and pairing it up with a dressier shirt and slacks I would get more respect, I was dressed to impress. Then wearing jeans, a chambray button up and cotton bow tie was more of a casual feel and people were a bit more relaxed around me.

I will say this though, there were definitely perks to wearing a bow tie:

  • The workers at Cafe Rio loved it and would give me extra meat for free.
  • When you spill your food it won’t get on your tie.
  • You get a lot more attention because not everyone is wearing one.
  • A bow tie automatically gives a higher status.

There really is something about bow ties that makes you feel like you are somebody and this week I am going to share with you the different brands that I love and show you what I personally love to wear them with. I want you to feel like at the end of the week you could wear a bow tie every day and not even think twice about it because you’ll know how to tie it, what to wear with it and where to get it.