What I Learned About Infertility

What a week! Who knew infertility would bring such amazing stories out of people? Such amazing women sharing such hard topics that we put out there. Read what I learned about infertility this week:

  • Infertility can happen to anyone. It doesn’t just effect one type of person. Anyone can have infertility issues: pretty people, nice people, deserving people, funny people, Kardashians and everyone in between.
  • What I Learned About Infertility | The Modern Dad

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  • Sometimes is better to just say nothing at all. If I have friends that are married, the last thing I need to be asking them is when are they going to start having kids. It’s not my business and if we are close enough friends they will tell me, believe me. Why do people have to know if you are trying to get pregnant anyways? I mean, yeah, we’re having sex and not using anything to prevent pregnancy. I went to junior high health class people. I don’t want to know about it, but when you want to tell me you’re pregnant I can’t wait.
  • The sheer amount of people that have infertility issues. You probably feel like it’s a minority thing, but really it’s just a thing that people don’t want to talk about because they feel like they’re no good. You are amazing! Whether you can have kids or not.
  • Who wants to talk about their failures? Maybe that is why everyone with infertility issues thinks that it’s not a big thing. We all want to tell you the second we are pregnant because we are so excited, but it’s hard if you’ve miscarried or IVF didn’t work. You don’t want to talk about that and just feel alone and heartbroken.

What I Learned About Infertility | The Modern Dad


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  • I had no idea all the different ways that you can get pregnant or create children: old fashion way, IVF, drugs, injections, donations (egg/sperm), ICSI, IUI, surrogacy, adoption, reproductive surgery, GIFT and ZIFT. It’s absolutely amazing that there are so many options, but wow. Read all about them here.
  • Women will never give up to make their dreams of becoming a mother. Getting constant injections which effect your hormones, your body hating you, the emotional roller coaster and your body changing like Utah weather. These women are true super women and I look up to them with the highest respect. What I Learned About Infertility | The Modern Dad

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  • Putting yourself out there and letting the world (or at least those that read this blog) know about very personal issues is so very brave. Sharing anything that is hard in our lives makes us susceptive to being looked at differently. But these amazing women wanted to let others know that they are not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You may not get to the end of the tunnel the way you intended, but you are going to get there the way God intends and it’s going to be amazing.
  • No matter our struggle, whether it’s infertility or whatever is in your life that’s getting you down just know that everything will be okay. Have a positive attitude. Yeah we all have days that we want to lay in bed, cry for hours and eat an entire box of Oreos, but that won’t help us get what we really want.