Favorite Gifts for Your Two Year Old

I can’t believe my son is turning two already. This year has gone by way to fast, but I have absolutely enjoyed every moment with him. All the many memories that I will cherish forever have made it one of the greatest years. Since we are expecting number two into our home soon I felt like I needed to really give him a special birthday party this year. He isn’t going to be an only child much longer and yeah he may not remember this party, but he will look back at the pictures and know how much we cared to make his day special.

When it comes to picking the perfect gift for my child I try to steer clear of the electronics. He will have plenty of time to have an iPhone and iPad in his hand, but you only have a creative imagination for so long. That is why I wanted to put together a list of birthday gifts for a two year old that aren’t going to stop them from being active and using their imagination.

Favorite Two Year Old Birthday Gifts | The Modern Dad

  1. Schleich Figurines: I love these animals because my son is an animal lover and he can use his imagination to bring these animals to life.
  2. Melissa & Doug | Water Wow Activity Books: These are a dream come true for all you OCD parents that hate a mess from kids doing art, but don’t want to stunt your child’s creativity. The book comes with a fun water pen that when used on the pages it makes it look like they are coloring with no mess at all! Perfect for your church bag, flights or long car rides. Best thing about it is that as soon as the water evaporates you can color the page again.
  3. Strider Balance Bike: My son loves to be outside, like every little kid his age. And when I heard all the rave reviews about getting a balance bike and that your child would skip training wheels I had to get one. I love Strider for their metal frame, adjustable seat and easiest assembly (which made me love this even more).
  4. Step 2 Shootin Hoops Jr Basketball Set: Just because I am not a sports person doesn’t mean that I have to stop my child from enjoying them. My son is in love with playing basketball and this basketball set is perfect for toddler to teen. Who doesn’t remember having one of these growing up and once you got older you were still slam dunking on it? Am I right?
  5. BabyLit | Board Books: I know I have mentioned BabyLit books before, but how could I not mention them for a great birthday gift? Plus, they recently released Emma, Treasure Island and the All Aboard books. The All Aboard books take your child to New York, California and Paris with images of their famous sites. We love the All Aboard series and had to add them to our collection.
  6. Melissa & Doug | Sound Puzzles: My son has become more and more obsessed with puzzles and I had to cave and get these ones that make sounds. I am not a fan of toys that make noises because most of the time I can’t figure out how to turn them off. But if he loves it and is learning from it, I am all for it. His favorites are the vehicles and of course, animals.

Hope this helps you when you are trying to think of what to get when you are invited to your next two year old birthday party.