Grandparents Gift Guide

I could rattle off gifts for me and my wife for days, but when it comes to our own parents it can be hard to get them something they would actually enjoy. Why is it that figuring out a perfect grandparent gift is always super difficult? People always share the perfect gift for mom, dad, the kids, etc. but we never get ideas for the grandparents. I want to fix that.

Grandparents do so much for their kids and grandkids that I think they go unnoticed during the holidays. Why not get them a gift that will be meaningful and something they will actually appreciate other than the lame sweater, socks or perfume we result to.

Time together is always wanted by the grandparents but sometimes hard to give in the form of a gift. Here are some ideas that could be fun to do:

Our family has loved the theater for years. We have been to many shows together and to be able to continue the love of the theater with my children I want to have them enjoy a show or two with their grandparents. Whether it be going to a local children’s theater, or a touring group performing broadway shows this is a moment together that grandparents will enjoy for a long time.

Our son absolutely loves sporting events, and to be able to attend some sporting events with his grandparents would be absolutely perfect. Why not get tickets to local sporting events (basketball games, football, soccer, etc.)?

After we went to the ballet, I remember looking around seeing many grandparents with their grandkids enjoying the ballet together. Tis the season to go to The Nutcracker and Ballet West here in Utah has one of the longest running performances of this ballet. Get the tickets for your parents where they can enjoy this magical experience with their grandchildren.

My parents have a love for knowing their family history. I think a lot of our parents are in that generation where they are missing their own parents and to receive something that connects them with their relatives that is artistic, modern and unique is a great idea. Perfect Ideas for you Grandparents Gift Guide | The Modern Dad

i (chart) you is a ready-to-print genealogy chart that is super modern, cute and simple to set up. They come in a gorgeous array of colors making each chart unique to your family and style. We love ours and our parents love theirs.

Grandparents love getting pictures of their kids and grandkids, remember all the fun times they’ve spent together. What better way to share these moments than with a few different, unique ideas:

Chatbooks are some of our favorite ways of keeping our memories in one place. Now offering their hard cover books, they are a fantastic grandparents gift idea this holiday season. You can customize the books putting in specific pictures of your kids with their grandparents and even make multiple copies of the same book.

Perfect Ideas for you Grandparents Gift Guide | The Modern Dad

Pinhole Press has been one of our go tos for creative photo gifts for our family members. One of our favorites is the memory game where we put images of the entire families pictures. It helps the little ones get to know the entire family better and you have a game that will be cherished forever.

What better picture idea than to book a family photo session? There are indoor studios where you can book time for not too much money or there are thousands of places to take them outside too depending on the photography.

Not only that, but they can be reasonably priced and you will be able to get fantastic images for the grandparents that will include the grandparents. You will probably be able to set up different breakdowns that will melt the grandparents hearts: entire family, individual families, grandparents with grandkids, just the grandkids, etc.

This year, don’t let your parents and your children’s grandparents go unappreciated with the Christmas gifts. They have done so much for you over the year and giving them something that they will really cherish will make all those random babysitting calls worth it.