Dolling Her Up

Growing up I had an aunt that had a major doll obsession. She had a collection that couldn’t be topped, from every single Barbie to dolls from every country around the world. I was really close to this aunt because my parents would travel a lot and she would be the one to watch us. I loved her and seeing her love for dolls became something that I knew I would want passed on to my future daughters.

My wife had a grandma with a love for dolls too. Every year my wife would receive a doll, usually Madam Alexander, for her birthday and Christmas. Her grandma had a special doll room in her home where she would display many of her collection as well as some that she made herself. Her grandma planted that love of dolls and my wife then began her own collection, including American Girl dolls.  It’s funny when I am with my wife and she’s sees an American Girl store she instantly goes back to that time with her grandma and smiles the entire time we are in the store. I think she already has a collection brewing for our little girl.

Both of us have grown up knowing that a love for dolls is in every girls heart. Even though our daughter is only three months, We have already started collecting dolls for her and I wanted to share some of our very favorite dolls with you.

Dolling Her Up | The Modern Dad

Candy Kirby Design | The Olive Ballerina doll is my personal favorite

Dolling Her Up | The Modern Dad

Green Stitches | Love her hand painted faces of her dolls

Dolling Her Up | The Modern Dad

Disney Animators’ Collection Doll | Super cute AND on sale for $15 right now!American Girl Doll | The Modern Dad

American Girl | A great collection, but they also help teach history.

I know that my daughter is small and doesn’t understand the importance of dolls, but I know that one day she will love the collection we have started for her. I can’t wait for the many days where we will be able to go into the stores together and add great variety to her collection of friends.