Let’s Make Cleaning Easier | Cleaning Checklist

Trying to get the entire house clean regularly seems almost impossible. There is just too much to do all the time and when you have a toddler and a little one it seems even harder. Thankfully I have created a simple cleaning checklist that will not only make your life easier, but it lets you know when to do each chore so that the house is clean throughout the week.

You don’t have to try to clean the entire house everyday, because let’s be real, that isn’t going to happen unless you hire a cleaning service. I love to break up the cleaning duties throughout the week so that I’m not stuck trying to get it all done then getting upset because I finished a room that quickly was torn apart by my active toddler. I don’t have the time or the patience to try to clean the entire house everyday. This system has worked for my family, making the task of keeping up on cleaning manageable for our constantly chaotic life.

Let's Make Cleaning Easier | Cleaning Checklist | The Modern Dad

Certain things need to be done every day. By doing these things every day it makes it so that your Saturday with the entire family isn’t so hectic. You can accomplish these things done over and over because they are quick jobs that need daily refreshing. Doing a load of laundry a day makes it totally manageable and allows you to get out of the house rather than wait for changing of the loads. We’ve all been there with loads of laundry to fold or even folded and a toddler comes through and throws them all over the room.  Save yourself the trouble and focus on one a day!

Let's Make Cleaning Easier | Cleaning Checklist | The Modern Dad

Of course though, taking each chore that you want done and breaking them into each individual day makes that easier too.

Weekly Cleaning Schedule | Daily Duties Breakdown | The Modern Dad

As you see on Friday, I have put a monthly chore. Well, those chores don’t have to be something big, but they need to get done throughout the year. Having chores that are done monthly will make it so that by the end of the year your entire home will have been cleaned, every inch.

January: Wipe down inside of cabinets and drawers

February: Organize closets

March: Wipe down inside of bathroom cabinets and drawers

April: Carport/Garage

May: Outside of house

June: Walls, moldings, doors

July: Shampoo Carpet

August: Windows, window sills

September: Blinds and window treatments

October: Carport/garage

November: Move refrigerator/oven

December: Walls, moldings, doors

Let's Make Cleaning Easier | Cleaning Checklist | The Modern Dad

Don’t let cleaning your home become intimidating. It’s time to start making your house a home, a clean home. Believe me, we are not perfect but this system has helped us focus more on our family and less on making sure our home is spotless. Because lets be honest, it only stays spotless for moments after cleaning. If  you want to print out the PDF, get it here. Do you need more ideas for cleaning? Check out my cleaning Pinterest board here.