Sunday Dinner a Dad Could Make

For us Sunday Dinner is the biggest and best dinner of the week. The entire family gets together and enjoys being around the table talking about what we have been up to, or what our plans for the week are. As a dad, we figure there is no way that we would ever be in charge of Sunday dinner because of the pressure to make it the best, like Thanksgiving. But what if I told you that you could have Sunday dinner ready for the whole family, so simple dads can put it together.

Sunday Dinner a Dad Could Make | The Modern DadWhen you think of dad making dinner, you probably first think of throwing something on the BBQ. This is the part, we as dads, have under control. Personally, when I think about what kind of meat to get for dinner I want to get something that will go far and a lot of people will be able to enjoy it. Tri tip is my Sunday dinner meat of choice because you can’t really go wrong when grilling it. When you purchase a marinated tri tip it will tell you to put it on the grill for about 30 minutes, turning it every 5-10 minutes.Sunday Dinner a Dad Could Make | The Modern Dad

Okay, so you have a main dish covered, but so much more has to go with Sunday dinner. That is why I like to go to Meiers Meats & Fine Foods and pick up some au gratin potatoes, broccoli salad and a bag of asiago cheese rolls. (Heck, even the tri tip is from there and already marinated and ready to go!) Grabbing each of these side dishes will make for the easiest Sunday dinner. About 15 minutes before dinner, throw the potatoes in the microwave and heat them up, then put them in a serving bowl so that it won’t be so obvious that you didn’t make them. No one will know, and I won’t tell them.

Once you have put everything in serving bowls and on the table you can let everyone know that dinner is ready. Be prepared for compliments and everyone wondering how you were able to do all this. Just tell them it’s a modern dad secret. If you need more ideas of what to make for dinner any night, Meiers Meats & Fine Foods is the best. Check them out and let them know The Modern Dad sent you.