Perfect Chicken for Meal Prepping

Being a parent trying to eat healthy is hard, but when you prep all your meals at the beginning of the week it makes it that much easier. Thankfully Meier’s Meats and Fine Foods has a marinated chicken that makes prepping for the week a billion times easier.

When I prep meals it can be hard because I tend to get sick of eating the exact same thing over and over. This chicken allows me to make one thing and use it in a lot of different ways.Perfect Chicken for Meal Prepping | The Modern Dad

Meier’s has the best selection of marinated chicken breasts that are already skinned and the fat taken off. Not only that, but they cut the breasts into much more manageable portions. You know when you go to Costco and they have those huge chicken breasts that no one should eat all by themselves? Well, Meiers does a great job at portioning their chicken and seasons it perfectly.

I take a pack of chicken breasts to the grill, throw them on for about 10-15 minutes until they are cooked all the way. Then I take the cooked chicken, slice it up into strips and put it into separate portion controlled containers. Then, throughout the week I can grab a thing a chicken and eat it however I want: on a sandwich, over salad or just eat it with some rice.Perfect Chicken for Meal Prepping | The Modern Dad

Finding time saving things to make meal prepping easier is always helpful. Check out Meiers Meats and Fine Foods chicken selection for all your meal prepping needs, and anything else you might need.