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I have quite a watch collection going on and I got stuck getting the same type over and over. I love a good yellow gold watch, but it was time to move to something I would never think of. Have you seen the JORD wood watch?


Makes the perfect Father’s Day gift. Get one here.

I have been getting watches for years always get the same look over and over. Seriously my collection consists of at least 6 gold watches, the bigger the better. My wife finally had to put a stop to my obsession until I could stop buying the same looking watches. When I saw JORD wood watches I was interested in how those would look in person. I am not a naturalist or anything, but I love something different and wearing things that not everyone else is wearing. A good wood watch though is something I think others need to get on board with.

farawaystyledshotJORDwatchJORD wood watches have amazing style and the quality is just as nice, if not nicer, than all my metal watches. The one thing about ordering is that you have to send your wrist measurements. I was worried about this part because I wasn’t sure if I was measuring my wrist correctly: do you measure it keeping the tape measure tight? Do you measure it keeping it slightly loose? I wasn’t sure, but I did it and it turned out perfect!


Get Green Sandalwood Watch here

My first thoughts of a wood watch was anything but stylish. I have seen a few wood watches out there and they never really looked that great, but I was surprised by the amazing quality of JORD. I also love that when I am wearing it it feels just like any another watch, well actually its a little more comfortable. I love that it’s smooth and sleek. You can dress it up for church or a wedding or can wear it with your shorts, t-shirt and birks. It really is super versatile.


Polo | Burberry

Pants | Gap

Cologne | Bleu de Chanel

Belt | J Crew

Watch | JORD Green Sandalwood

Sandels | Birkenstock

Father’s Day is just around the corner, wouldn’t this be the best Father’s Day gift? What are you waiting for? Get yourself a JORD wood watch, one for you and your dad for Father’s Day and find out for yourself what I am talking about. You will be glad that I told you about this.

Wooden Wristwatch