#12daysofgiveaways | Promptly Journals

When I was on my mission I wrote in my journal every single day. Other than that, I have never written in a journal. If I had a journal that prompted me on what to write about I would be able to do it so much more. That is what I honestly love about Promptly Journals.

#12daysofgiveaways | Promptly Journals by The Modern DadDon’t you love it when you find a journal entry from when you were little to see what you were up to? My mom was a great journal keeper and would read me stories about my childhood all the time. Thankfully, we have Promptly Journals for all our kids and we love them.

#12daysofgiveaways | Promptly Journals by The Modern DadWhat I love most about them is they prompt you for things to write about. I didn’t really write a lot in them during pregnancy, but my wife was great about it. My oldest is four and I have already forgotten the little moments that we laughed about when he was little.

I told Jason not to alarm our parents until we knew for certain you were coming. We got an epidural which helped with pain and put me to sleep. Then a few hours later and a couple of pushes, you were here!

You don’t have to write a novel (which is what I tend to do), but it’s easy to jot down the little things that’s happening.

#12daysofgiveaways | Promptly Journals by The Modern Dad
Not only do they have journals for when you are pregnant and having your kid grow up. They have released adoption journals. I LOVE THESE! Being adopted, parents aren’t going to be writing about the pregnancy, but these journals cover the moments you will want to remember. Not only are you going to love these, but your child will cherish these memories forever.

The childhood history journals are great because not only are they from pregnancy (or adoption) to 18 years old. Write all the memories down for your child to love forever and imagine the joy this will bring to them once they are older.

#12daysofgiveaways | Promptly Journals by The Modern DadDon’t have kids? They have a journal for you too! The love story signature collection is the perfect journal for every newly married couples. Do you remember the moments from when you dated? What about the day of your wedding? Write it in the journal and make these memories last forever.

These journals are a great gift for everyone no matter their situation: newly married, pregnant, or adopting. Check them out and get your journal here.