#12daysofgiveaways | London Littles

Rain, rain, go away! Just kidding, stay! If you haven’t seen London Littles you are missing out. What’s that, you don’t know what London Littles are? Well, I am absolutely obsessed with them and excited to share them with you.

#12daysofgiveaways | London Littles by The Modern DadWhenever it rains all my son wants to do is go outside and jump in the puddles. Really, I am fine with him playing in the rain, but I hate when he gets his shoes soaking wet. London Littles are the perfect rain boots for your little ones. What’s great about these ones?

  • Easy for your kids to get on and off themselves
  • Simple patterns that could easily go for your boy or girl (minus the floral ones)
  • Thicker rubber keeping kids feet dry
  • Great traction so they won’t slip or fall in the wet weather

#12daysofgiveaways | London Littles by The Modern Dad
Not only are they an amazing product, but I love to support small businesses. Adventuring in London has brought this family and inspired them to create these amazing boots for kids. They say, “We design products that encourage children to have adventures – big or small – wherever they are.”

Your boots will come so nicely packaged AND they have a drawstring bag to let the adventures continue. Let them put on their own boots, run in the rain, and have them do it in London Littles. My kids that can walk love them and have jumped in many puddles because they can.

#12daysofgiveaways | London Littles by The Modern DadAnother thing I absolutely love about these boots is they can go with whatever your child is wearing. Fashionable boots you as a parent can feel comfortable letting your children wear no matter what they are wearing.

Any product that supports kids having adventures, I support. Check them out and get your kids some London Littles and let the adventures begin (or continue).