#12DaysOfGiveaways | Gathre Playmat

Imaginative play is huge at our house. My son has the biggest imagination and I love watching him as he plays. When I got him a Gathre playmat I thought I was taking a bit of his imagination away, but boy was I wrong.

#12DaysOfGiveaways | Gather Playmate by The Modern DadWhat is Gathre?

Gathre (pronounced gather) is a company that sells wipeable leather mats. These come in many shapes: changing pad (my favorite and most used) to the Maxi Square, which is great for picnics with the family.

Recently they released their tablecloth, which is gorgeous. I mean, a leather tablecloth that is easy to wipe off, but looks clean is classy. How do you not get on board with that.

What does the Gathre playmat do?

#12DaysOfGiveaways | Gather Playmate by The Modern DadMy son loves to play with his cars, guys, and knights. When I got him a playmat he was in his room for hours playing on the mat. The playmat is 36 x 46 inches—the perfect play size. I threw it on the floor in his room and it didn’t overload the floor space.

#12DaysOfGiveaways | Gather Playmate by The Modern DadThere he was, playing on the mat with his cars having them drive to Disneyland, Chicago, and even Hawaii. He was imagining all the places we had taken him over the years and bringing those experiences back to life, with a twist of his imagination.

Would I recommend Gathre?

Absolutely. I always keep a Gathre Micro mat in my diaper bag for changing tables. It fits perfectly in my bag, not taking up a lot of room. Plus, I feel find putting my kids on it and going into any place I need to for changing diapers.

Men’s restrooms don’t always have changing tables. So when I have my micro mat with me I feel better about changing my kid on a counter or even the floor some times.

But really, I love all the leather mats from Gathre and know that you will love them too. Check them out and see for yourself their amazing collections of mats.