Welcome to the Food Club

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I love making treats for coworkers, my Sunday school class, and especially my family. When you make so many different treats, cost can add up. Thankfully, with the new addition of Food Club products at our local Associated Foods Stores, I don’t worry about that.

Food Club is Associated Food Stores newest exclusive brand! Food Club is a national brand equivalent, when you shop Food Club, you’re saving money! When purchasing Food Club products, you are doubling your money back guarantee. This is a perfect product for anyone that enjoys making treats for others.

One of my favorite treats to make is Scotcharoos. Simple, delicious, and everyone will eat them up in a matter of minutes. When you are asked to bring a treat to the next neighborhood barbeque or family reunion, wow them with these upgraded treats everyone will love.

Welcome to the Food Club by The Modern DadWhat I personally love about this, is when you purchase Food Club products you don’t have to stress about the cost. Purchasing items for treats like these can add up real fast. When I purchased the times I didn’t worry about it. I also didn’t have to worry about quality because they have been offering quality products since 1945. Just like your national brands, but a fraction for the price. This is great news for all families.

You can find Food Club at your locally owned and independent grocer—find a grocer near you here. Really though, if I can save money and get the same quality I recommend it.