A Bedroom Update Worth Sleeping On

We did it. We finally converted from a queen bed to a king and it’s changed our lives for so many reasons. I figured, since so many people kept asking I would share all about it in one place. I present to you, our bedroom update worth sleeping on.

Why We Picked Lucid

Online mattress shopping can be overwhelming, right? You can’t try the mattress out yourself because it’s online. Therefore, you have to go off of the reviews of others. We picked our Lucid mattress for a few reasons:

  • Price
  • Good reviews
  • Quality product

Now, here is something to think about when you are upgrading from a queen (or any smaller size) to a king. Don’t let the size of the bed overwhelm you. You may think there is no way that you can get a king size box spring into your room. That was for sure the case for us. That’s why we purchased two TWIN XL box springs. The XL will make them long enough for you king mattress. Anyone can get a twin size into any room.

Ready for this? Use code themoderndad and get 10% OFF your order. Don’t wait, get your mattress ordered TODAY!

Bedroom Update

When you change from a queen to a king, you also have to get all new bedding. That for me was a super exciting part. Shopping for all new bedding, pillows, and just upgrading everything.

We looked everywhere and finally found exactly what we wanted at Target. The Nate Barkus collection is amazing and brought us exactly what we were looking for.

More Than Just Bedding

Simple ways to update your room is done with simple touches. Adding matching lamps and a classic rug completely changed our room.

Emily got these lamps for my birthday and the second I saw them I knew they were perfect. I wanted simple, but a modern look to them. These Project 62 lamps did exactly that. And, they are only $39.99!

What about rugs? Rugs are hard because it’s all about what you like. I wanted something that went along with the the rest of the decor. We got ours at Furnishh so there aren’t multiples of the same one, but here is a similar one to what we have.

But there you have it. With some simple additions, without spending a ton of money we really were able to update our room and make it exactly what we have been wanting.