10 Baby Essentials

Since I work at a baby store I sometimes I like to think of myself as a baby product specialist. I have had to research products in order to answer the many questions that we get asked every day, but one questions seems to top them all, “What are the must have items that I should register for?”

Well, today I am going to share my TEN essential items to register for, especially for you first time parents. Being a first time parent you are clueless and so I will direct you in a path that should help take a load off.

So here we go:

***NOTE: I’m posting brands that I have learned to love and will share somewhat WHY, but if you have different brands you love then by all means. Go with your heart. I just think the products are essentials- you choose the brands.***

1. Crib: Clearly this is an obvious item to be buying. We get people registering for them all the time and usually the parents buy this or a bunch of people will go in on it for a group gift. Now when looking at cribs think about this, “Is it convertible?” Meaning it can convert into a toddler bed and sometimes they even convert into a full or a queen. These are great because you know that they are going to get your money’s worth out of them. And if you plan on one child it can grow with them, or the last child gets to move into it as they grow.

2. Stroller: When people are looking at strollers I ask them what they enjoy doing: running and being outdoors, planning on having more kids, what’s their price range, and are they only wanting to have one stroller for everything. From there it directs me into what to show them. Runner/Enjoys being outdoors = BOB by Britax. Multiple kids close together = City Select by Baby Jogger. Price range = simple Chicco/Jeep/Britax strollers. And if they are just wanting one stroller for everything I usually still stick with the City Select by Baby Jogger.

3. Carseat: Carseats have to go through some serious tests, as they should. They are holding precious cargo and so you not only want the best but the safest too. Britax is known for their safety. (That is Britax carseats in a nutshell.) That aside, all carseats are going to be safe, just most problems are caused by user error. Chicco is nice and light, holds up to 30 lbs and 30 inches (hence the 30/30). I have a Chicco and love it! Peg Perego has the Primo Viaggio 30/30 (same thing as Chicco) has the side impact protection. That is their thing, since most accidents happen from being hit from the side it makes sense. And there are tons of others. Find the style and brand you love and go for it.

4. Bouncer: You are going to get tired and so is your baby. Sometimes they are going to want somewhere to go (other than their bed) to help them finally fall asleep for nap time or even bed time. A bouncer was the greatest things we purchased. We first and a simple bouncer that would vibrate that we got at Target which worked fine. Then my son decided that he wanted to be able to bounce back making the bouncer almost flip forward. So we decided to get a MamaRoo and loved it. We could strap him in, turn on the sounds, and depending on his moods we’d set it on certain rocking functions. For more details read my previous post about the MamaRoo.

5. NoseFrida: The snotsucker! I know, you’re going to see it, hear about it, and be grossed out. I promise you though you will not ever get snot in your mouth. I am pretty sure if you did they wouldn’t keep selling it. You just suck it clean and then blow it out into a Kleenex.  Just think, you’ll get a bulb from the hospital and you will shove that thing up their nose (which not only pisses off your kid but it hurts their nose). Then you will “suck” the snot out, but you can’t ever see it. Plus, how do you clean it out? Need I say more?

6. Carrier: These are always the topic of discussion. Here is my two cents on the whole idea of a carrier vs wrap. If the carrier was really that bad on their legs, hips, whatever they wouldn’t keep selling them all over the world. And wraps are great, but what do you do when it’s hot outside or your hiking? They just don’t make sense to me. That being said, I personally love our Bjorn because it is super simple to get on and off, not a lot of straps, washable, and your child can face toward you and away. As far as wraps, I have fallen in love with Solly Baby. They serve the purpose that you wanting of having your baby cuddling and close to the parent, they are light weight with a little stretch to them, and they are CUTE. Plus, they will fit easily in a diaper bag if you’re not using it. Just know, you’ll want some sort of carrier so you can have your hands free once in a while.

7. Diaper Bag: Okay fellas, we don’t know why women are so obsessed with purses, nor will we ever, but a diaper bag is their new purse. If they want to spend $300, $400, or $1000 on a bag by all means let them. It will make them happy and believe me after they give birth you will want to get all the points you can. Really diaper bags are all about preference, style, what you’re looking for, and clearly trendy. Some great brands that I have loved and even seeing becoming more popular are Petunia Pickle Bottom (bright fun patterns), Timi and Leslie (these look like a purse), and Nena & Co day bag (I am seeing more and more women with this bag and I personally love it). So find the right one for your woman and just go with it.

8. Wipe Warmer: I was skeptical on this one because I felt like I was pampering my son. “He will be fine with room temperature wipes,” is what I thought. Then you use a warm wipe and your life is changed. Not only does it feel better on your baby’s cute little bum, but it really makes cleaning up all the mess so much easier. So just think of that, you are going to get in some crazy, messy, sticky situations and a warm wipe makes that all so much easier…for you.

9. Swaddles: Babies want out of their mom so bad, but then we swaddle them because it feels like being in the womb. I don’t get it. Familiar surroundings I guess? Whatever it is they are amazing and babies love them. Aden and Anais is the most popular brand that everyone loves. They’re made of a muslin material that is breathable, stretch, and the original material holds the swaddle best. Those are the ones that we have loved, but there are many other kinds that make it easy. It’s all about what you are wanting.

10: Breast Pump: If you are going to be breast feeding I say this is a must. Not only will this be essential for when you can’t always be there, but it’s a simple way to make feeding a possibility to dad. Now even if you don’t want to pump for bottles you should still get one just for those times you need to relieve the pressure. Rumor has it your boobs will be so full you’ll think they’re going to burst. So dads, if you want to keep those things around I say maybe get your wife one of these so nothing pops.

Hope this helps and takes some of the stress of registering off. If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned or other products to register for please leave a comment or email me at [email protected].