We Lose For You

The whole no sugar thing wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Yeah I had a hard time trying to stick to it, but in the end I ended up losing some weight and really feel a lot better. But also from that experience, I learned that I have real followers that can put me in check to let me know that I need to be healthier.

My wife and I decided that it is time to kick it up a notch and have a little friendly competition. All in good fun and we have found some great things that have helped us.

We set up a time to drop our son off at her parents every day so that we can hit the gym together. It’s great because we get to be together and can text each other about some of the crazies that we see there.

We also make sure that we are drinking tons of water and eating healthier. Making sure that we are conscious of what we are eating and keeping hydrated.

The best part of this is that we get to spend time together, plus we are making sure to be healthy so that we can be in better shape for our son.

So here is what I take to the gym with me to help me out on my workout.

::gym bag essentials::

::gym bag essentials::

Bag: J Crew

Towel: Crate & Barrel

Goggles (for swimming days): Speedo with h2o audio to listen to music while swimming

Heart rate monitor: Polar

Wristband: Fitbit – another great way to connect and compete.

current music mix - The Challenges motivate me

current music mix – The Challenges motivate me

Then of course, when I am doing my cardio, I have to have amazing music or a motivational show to watch and pass the time.

We are ready to get this new challenge going and will keep you updated on our success. And let me know what motivates you: favorite songs, products, shows. I want to know it all.