The Art of Thank You Notes

In the hustle and bustle of modern technology there is one art that is often forgotten, the art of thank you notes. There is something unique about receiving a hand written expression of gratitude that solidifies the act of saying thank you.

My wife has a box full of thank you notes. She pulls them out every once in a while when she needs cheering up. She has learned that their contents are genuinely honest. She is a master note writer and always tries to complement or express gratitude to others through her notes. Funny thing, while serving our LDS missions, both my wife and I wrote little thank you notes in the home of whoever shared their meal. It turned into a game and they always looked forward to and expected a note.

We got married and had a baby in the span of one year’s time. I didn’t think I could write another thank you note ever in my life but I find that those notes are my simple expression of gratitude in the truest form. I always try to make the extra effort to seal my gratitude with a written note.

::love cute little kid details::

::love cute little kid details::

On Friday we attended the 2nd birthday party of a friend. The very next day we received a thank you in the mail from the gift we sent with a little contribution from the birthday girl herself. I was so impressed by this gesture that I am determined to help my son learn the art of thank you notes.

thank yous

We just finished the school musical and nothing said thank you more than a little note from one of our student directors. I mean everyone was saying thank you, but for some reason her thank you stuck. It was written in ink- never to be forgotten.

If you ever need a pick-me-up or something to brighten your day- try writing a thank you note. Happiness evertime.