Fall Family Events

There is something about fall that I absolutely love: the changing leaves, the crisp clean air, layering clothes, eating soup, I could go on and on. I just love to have fun in the fall, like I do with any other season, but fall brings a whole new set of activities to do together as a family. I figured I would share my five favorite things to do during the fall with your family.


1. Boo at the Zoo: We love going to the zoo. We love it so much that we got a pass for Christmas last year that we have taken full advantage of. We love going around, showing our son all the different animals as we walk around together. Well, this Saturday (that’s when we’ll be there) from 6:30 to 9:00 pm they are having a Spooktacular Safari where you can dress up, see the animals at night, see the zoo lights, and ride the scream train or spooky carousel.

our little elephant

Last year our son was an elephant for Halloween and the costume drowned him. Maybe this year it will fit him a little better and be perfect for a haunted night at the zoo.

Cost: $8.95 for adults and $6.95 for kids

pumpkin patch

2. Produce Picking: Lets be real, it’s not fall until you have gone to a pumpkin patch and picked your favorite pumpkin that you feel will be carved into the scariest thing ever. I have tried to grow my own pumpkins and that never seemed to work out real well.

apple orchard

I mean I find it a little funny that my parents have apple trees that I take care of for them, but hate getting the apples from them. But then I will pay to go to a place to pick apples and pumpkins. Where is the logic in this? Who knows, but it’s a fun little tradition to do with your family and your kids will love running around the orchard or pumpkin patch looking for their dream pumpkin. Click here for a list of pumpkin patches and apple orchards (in Utah).

Cost: $5-20

family fun run

3. Family Fun Runs: I have done plenty of races in my day: LA Marathon, Disneyland Half (three times), Salt Lake Half, and lots of triathlons. Well, my wife and I have been going to Saturday morning walks every week and been doing all we can to get in, and stay in, shape. Well, why not take it to the next level and sign up for a family fun run: Haunted 5K’s, Turkey Trots, etc. There are always races happening in Utah, and in plenty of other states year round. Fortunately here in Utah the weather has been phenomenal and you can still do outdoor training if you aren’t down for running on a treadmill for hours. Some of my favorite races are The Haunted Half, Running Scared Race, and The Haunted Hustle. So try something new together and sign your family up for a fun run this fall.

Cost: $25-40

chili cook off

4. Chili (or soup) Cook Off: Something about fall and chili (or soup) makes everything better. Why not get some friends together for your own little chili and soup cook off? Get a few couples together, send out fun little invitations for a cook off, and get together for a tasting party. All the husbands will love it because they will get tons of different foods to try, the wives will love it because you can have everyone bring their recipes to share, and the kids will just enjoy being together. Also, this gives you a fun reason to get your friends together for a fun night eating great fall food: chili, soup, and I am sure bread will be involved. Yumm!!!

Cost: $10-20 depending on ingredients

family photo

5. Fall Family Photo Shoots: Utah is amazing during fall with all the leaves changing in the mountains. I think we love it so much too because we go up to the mountains, which are only 15-30 minutes away, depending on where you live. Not only do we drive through the mountains to see the leaves changing, but we also LOVE to get family pictures with the natural beauty that is all around us. I think the hardest part about getting family pictures is finding a good photographer and what to wear.

Let me help you a little with some amazing photographers:

Hope this helps and that you are now able to get your family pictures done before that blasted snow starts coming. I know we are going to be getting ours done soon and can’t wait.

No matter what you do this fall, have fun and enjoy spending quality time with your family because that is what matters.