With This Wedding Ring, I Thee Wed

The wedding ring, a statement of your everlasting love and eternal commitment to being with your one and only. We exchange rings at our weddings, but why do so many (usually men) never wear their ring after?

I have always been bugged by this. It was especially awkward being single and hitting on the cute girl without a ring only to find out she was married.  Seriously, though it happened all the time and now a days where there are many divorced you may just assume that they are single because they don’t wear a ring.

I feel like men have always been quick to give an excuse, I say this because I am the king of it. Why don’t I wear that shirt you gave me? Ohh…because I have gained some extra weight and now it’s the shirt I’m working towards fitting back into. When really, I hate it and I probably won’t ever wear it. But we can’t say things like that because we know what response we will get in return. I try so hard to get you something nice and you hate it.

Well, it’s the same with a ring. The woman gives her man a ring to show him that she truly loves, cares, and admires him. And to let all the other crazy women out there know that this guy is taken, off the market, don’t even think about it. So if that is the case, why are we still removing our rings?

Lots of guys have told me that they gained a lot of weight after they got married and their ring didn’t fit them anymore. So what you’re saying is that you are the weirdest person in the world and gain all your weight in your hands? That must look awful! Pretty sure your hands haven’t gotten so large that you can’t keep it on. Maybe you’re on the other side of the spectrum. I lost a lot of weight while I’ve been married and my ring just won’t stay on. But you work around different materials every day (tape, string, anything) that you could wrap around the ring to keep it on your finger so it doesn’t slip off? I just don’t understand why you don’t want to wear it.

There is always the classic excuse of, “It feels weird” or “I’m not used to it!” I wasn’t used to my ring when I first started wearing it. In fact, I’m still not used to it. I feel it all the time and I love it because it reminds me of that day that we decided we never wanted to be with anyone else. We made a promise that we would be faithful to each other for eternity, not just death till we part mumbo jumbo. So yeah, I love that I can feel my ring and think about all the amazing memories that we have had together.

So guys, I ask, why don’t you wear your wedding ring? I have only heard one good excuse ever and it’s that he works in an industry where if he were to wear it the skin of his finger to be ripped off or something bad could happen. Okay! You got me there. I completely understand. And no need to see pictures, but if you have them….yes, I have seen the pictures and get it.

But once that work day is over and you aren’t working around the crazy finger ripping machinery anymore, you need to be putting that ring and wearing it with pride. Wear it for your wife, your children and yourself letting all know that you are a married man and proud of it.