The Modern Dad’s Gym Attire

For years I have subscribed to GQ magazine. It has almost been my bible to all things fashion: what to wear, how to wear it, what is okay to wear, etc. So I find it quite funny that when I was writing this post I got an email from GQ highlighting their article on How to Dress for the Gym. The problem is, every time I read these articles I love everything in them, but there is no way in hell that I could afford them. Plus, who really works out in Gucci sweatpants, Prada tennis shoes, and a YSL t-shirt? I mean I wish I did.

I figured that I would show you my favorite gym clothes, why I love them and maybe even throw in a few things that you need to stop wearing.


I usually wear any t-shirt that I grab out of my closet. I always am leaving early in the morning and can’t usually see what I am going to be wearing. I just know that the t-shirts that I am grabbing are gym appropriate.


I love Nike’s Dry-Fit shirts and Under Armour’s short sleeve t-shirt. They’re light weight, comfortable, and they don’t scream tool bag. I don’t go to the gym to get the attention of everyone. I am there to workout and get out. So I keep it basic and simple.

What you don’t need to keep wearing are those old shirts where you tore the sleeves off and I can see your entire side. I get it, you played varsity football in 1996 and you want to keep wearing the shirt from training camp. You know what though, it’s time to grow up and dress your age.

Also, if it’s hard to get the shirt on, it’s too tight and it’s time to go up a size. You can save the shirt for when it fits better, but I don’t need to see your nipples, belly button and chest hair peeking through the actual shirt.


I have quite the collection of gym shorts. But I am finally getting over the heavy, bulky gym shorts. They are pointless for the gym because they weigh you down and when you’re on the cardio equipment they fall down, if you’re actually working hard.


Nike is really a classic go to when it comes to gym clothes for me. But their Dry-Fit is the best! Comfort meets style, plus they are light, but not too light that I feel that people can see everything.

On the other hand, if you’re not in a spinning class or you just biked to the gym, enough with the biker shorts. No one wants to see your package and usually the ones wearing them aren’t super in shape. So just stop, please!

Here in Utah it tends to get a little cold and I honestly can’t run if my legs are numb. Big baggy sweatpants don’t even make sense. You can’t run in them, if anything is in your pockets it’ll fly everywhere, and you’ll look like a thug running from the cops. What I love though are the jogger sweatpants that you can get at any store.

abercrombie sweatpants

I love the cut and style of these ones, even if they are from Abercrombie. They don’t scream the brand on them and the fit is perfect.

Shoes & Socks:

This is where I get a little serious. I love shoes and I really love getting new gym shoes. Whenever I get new gym shoes it motivates me to get to the gym more or just go outside for a good old run around the block. I always have to buy shoes for whatever the specific event is: basketball shoes for basketball, trainers for everyday gym activity, or running shoes for, you guessed it, running.

Socks on the other hand, I get a little crazy and want them to be stylish, comfortable and a little off the wall. Granted, you need to make sure you take care of your feet because if you don’t take care of them your whole body will get screwed up.

Stance DMJS


I love Stance socks! They’re super comfortable, stylish, different and lasting. I feel like they are similar to a compression sock, but with an upgrade. They’re tight, but not so tight that you get one of those crazy indents on your calf. They also have fantastic no show socks that stay put. I don’t always want my socks showing and these ones are the best that I have ever used.

Now get your new gear, renew your gym membership and start getting back into shape in style. You’ll love it and everyone will watch you because you look good rather than ridiculous.